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This day of celebration and outreach and engagement with handwriting was Write A Good Thank You in by the Writing Instrument Manufacturers Association. As they put it:. Handwriting allows us to be artists and individuals during a time when we often use computers, faxes and e-mail to communicate. Fonts are the same no matter what computer you use or how you use it and they lack a personal touch.

Throughout history, handwritten documents have sparked love affairs, started wars, established peace, freed slaves, created movements and declared independence.

Handwriting is part of the writing process for a lot of writers. One of the virtues of writing by hand is that you can write without needing anything other than paper and a pen or pencil. Are you celebrating National Handwriting Day? Or are you one of those who write by hand regularly? Come tell us in the new Analog Tools subform on Absolute Write. Zanzjan has been posting writing prompts, and people are posting about their current writing dilemmas. The amazing Scott Hawkins shawkins is doing the heavy lifting of the moving the database.

The server IP address is changing. It will take a few hours, perhaps as much as a day, for the new IP address to percolate. Go here for more information Write A Good Thank You the move. Analog Tools is about those non-digital, non-computer tools we writers love to use, including fountain pen, other pens, pencils, paper, and typewriters. Five years ago I returned to writing by hand as a way to take breaks from the keyboard and pain from carpal tunnel.

I made a to me startling discovery. Fountain pens are hands-down easier to write with than a ballpoint pen, or even a gel pen my previous pen of choice. Ball point pen ink is deliberately thickened to make it less likely to leak. Moreover, the ball that gives the ball point pen its Write A Good Thank You must be physically propelled with some force across the paper in order to coat the ball with ink and transfer it to paper.

Writing with a fountain pen did take some getting used to. But writing has been source less stressful on my hands and arms. Fountain pen ink wants to spread. NaNoWriMo offers a great opportunity to see if writing by hand helps your creativity. It does for some. Switching from my keyboard to writing by hand has helped me when staring at my laptop screen is frustrating rather than fruitful.

The Varsity is not meant to be re-filled; the Platinum Preppy isand uses cartridges and can be refilled indefinitely the Preppy is available in several colors. This is an affordable-no-real investment way to try writing with a fountain pen, and both pens are more than adequate for most writing. Consider using a fountain pen during NaNoWriMo, as a way to jumpstart your creativity.

You need to have a fountain pen converter in order to use bottled ink, and like cartridges, converters are designed for a specific pen. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of ink colors. There are also several kinds of ink; inks that are water soluble not for use on checks or anything that you want to keepwater resistant inks, archive quality inks, inks meant to feather less and thus perform better on poorer quality click at this page, and specialty inks that change color, glitter, or are invisible.

Most people start with a medium or dark blue, a blue-black, or a black ink. But color can be fun, as well as useful, for for editing or for distinguishing one version from another draft in blue, edit in red, new draft in click, etc.

You want paper that encourages the pen here glide smoothly, with little application of force, but which will display the ink without blots, or clogging the nib, or feathering.

There more info numerous sites suggesting the Best Possible Paper for writing with a fountain pen. People often have very decided opinions about paper. The general rule of thumb is that the heaver weight the paper is, from about 70gsm up to say gsm, the better it is for using a fountain pen. Look for paper that is at least 70gsm; less will bleed or feather or otherwise fail.

The nib is the metal part of the pen that contacts the paper when you write. For some writers, it means having everything they need for several hours of intense writing, including food and drink. For others, it source their notebook, and pen, and grabbing ten minutes here and fifteen there, to write. Your PWS will reflect the way you write.

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You might need a small backpack; others will be able to pack their studio in a slim messenger style bag, or even a back pocket, for the true minimalist. For some, that means a battery powered tablet or minimalist laptop; for me, that means paper, pen and pencil.

It took me a couple of years to figure out what I really need to write effectively almost anywhere; there was a lot of trial and error, and it changed when it became harder to rely on the ubiquity of the Internet for backup and the ubiquity of electrical outlets for power.

I fit this in a small messenger bag, with room to source. I do a lot of writing in places where connecting to the Internet or electricity is problematic, or downright impossible.

I draft and take notes and plan by hand, and later, keyboard the actual draft. I frequently make my first pass in pencil, writing as fast as I can before the ideas melt away.

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I take notes about ideas and planning in the smaller notebook, and use the larger one for actual writing. I like Tombow Knock erasers because they let me erase precisely.

I listen to a playlist of downloaded local music or ambient nature sounds on my iPhone to help mask background sound and set the mood. The idea behind the minimalist PWS is that you can fit your notebook and Write A Good Thank You in your pocket, literally. You can write anywhere you happen to here. Some writers who use one small notebook per chapter, and carry a second notebook for background note, plot ideas, Write A Good Thank You.

Some people like to use a single small bound A6 notebook like Moleskine or Leuchturm ; they still fit in a pocket. A multipen means that you have more than one color of ink available, and even a pencil or stylus, depending on the base pen. Did you have a playlist for Breach of Containment? I usually ask writers this question, but you are the first to have already answered the question.

Weird trance stuff is great for the imagination! All of his work is astonishing, and when he put that together for me I was absolutely floored. Breach of Containment is the third book in a trilogy that you began with The Cold Betweenfollowed by Remnants of Trust. When you first submitted The Cold Betweenhow much of the succeeding books did you have plotted?

When we started getting responses, editors started asking about my plans for what happened next, so I had to more info them what were essentially my high-level notes for the longer story arc. Which worried me a little! In retrospect, I suspect what was most important to them was that I had more ideas than what was in the Write A Good Thank You finished book. Were there any surprises for you as you wrote Breach of Containment?

After a couple of drafts, it became clear to me I needed another POV character, and because Dallas was already alive in my head, they were the obvious choice. Generally it means the book has taken on a life of its own, and it gets much easier to write after that.

When I first come up with a story, the characters and the universe grow together. At some point a beginning and an ending emerge. From that a few interim milestones evolve naturally, and somewhere in all of that mess I start writing it down. I always write the end, or a scene near the end. The ending of Remnants was written almost immediately after the prologue; that particular scene was always very clear in my head.

Having a fixed destination makes it much easier for me to stay on track.

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continue reading Usually I write in my living room, late morning into early afternoon. Also, there is espresso there.

I loved reading your memories of seeing Star Wars in a theater as a kid. Do you plan Write A Good Thank You see Star Wars: The Last Jedi in a theater? On the other hand, I loved Rogue Onedespite all of the coincidences and serendipitous single points of failure, and I love the idea of Old and Cynical Luke. Everyone always talks about how funny it is, and how vivid the worldbuilding, and both of those things are true. But when I finally opened it up, I was in tears by the third page.

I used to collect books on writing. I remember a section that pointed out reading books about writing was not actually writing, and I suppose I took that to heart! There was a wee bit of controversy around The Cold Between the first book. But nobody ever contacted me to discuss the issue. To me the endgame of that aspect of the story is never a mystery. None Write A Good Thank You this is particularly controversial, of course.

Strong romantic subplots in SFF are legion. Had the book not been mis-genred here and there, I doubt anyone would have remarked on it at all. It does please me that Trey is a character people connect with; I have great affection for him myself. I left him in the right place at the end of that book. Elizabeth Bonesteel began making up stories at the age of five, in an attempt to battle insomnia.

Thanks to a family connection to the space program, she has been reading science fiction since she was a child. She lives in central Massachusetts with her husband, daughter, and various cats.