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didnt have sophisticatedAccording to the plan, climate-related factors will make harder for African countries to tackle extreme poverty in the future for three reasons:.

To tackle the climate challenge in collaboration with African governments and a variety of regional and international partners, the plan focuses on increasing adaptation through a dozen priority areas grouped into three clusters.

To reduce the continue reading posed to their development prospects by climate variability and change, African countries need to strengthen the resilience of their natural, physical, and human capital.

Natural capital can be protected by making farmland, landscapes, watersheds, and oceans more resilient.

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Physical capital can be preserved by adopting smart climate policies for cities and coastal areas, which are particularly vulnerable to climate change. Human capital can be protected by boosting social protection and addressing the drivers of migration.

This part of the business plan provides detailed World Bank Group Business Plan in each of these areas. Some million people and 10 million small and medium-size enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa still do not have a connection to the electric grid.

In many countries, power systems are small and poorly maintained by utilities that often operate at a deficit. As a result, many energy users on and off the grid rely on fossil energy sources for lightning or heating.

These sources are more expensive and produce significantly fewer productivity gains for consumers than modern energy sources. In response, the Bank has committed to the objectives of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative by These objectives include providing universal access to modern energy services, doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, and doubling the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix.

These two initiatives will strengthen the data and knowledge base for integrating climate variability and change in a variety of decision-making processes at the local, national, and regional scales.

The financing plan and the results framework outlined in this section would allow the World Bank and its many partners to implement the plan. The financing plan estimates the resources required to implement the Africa Climate Business Plan in both World Bank Group Business Plan fast-track and longer-term phases and identifies possible sources of funding for the fast-track phase. The Africa Climate Business Plan is expected to mobilize resources and increase resilience to climate variability and change.

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With member countries, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership fighting poverty worldwide through sustainable solutions. As climate change and variability significantly impact Sub-Saharan Africa’s development agenda, a new World Bank plan outlines actions required to increase climate. improve the business environment, and to support the private sector in overcoming constraints to investment and The world World Bank Group Strategy 1. The World Bank Group Gender Action Plan was created to advance women's economic empowerment It has endorsed its own Charter and Business Plan and.

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