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Washington Olin Essay 1: Please tell us why you want to earn an MBA and how it will contribute to your personal and professional goals. There is nothing as exhilarating as being a part of an industry which continuously shapes read article future of technology.

My desire to grow as a Technology Leader has so far manifested itself through a combination of three things: These experiences along with a penchant for personal excellence have culminated in my desire to attain an MBA and further polish my leadership skills. My career thus far has entailed a rapid assumption of responsibilities. I discovered my strengths in leadership through project management, in sales through client relationship engagement, and in quantitative skills through research and performance data analysis.

This assignment was intended to overcome the complex problems of Telecom operators. The challenge was to design a disruptive product which provides robust Customer Onboarding solution and accomplishes business targets within committed timelines. Product Management provided me a degree exposure in leading a team through inception, negotiation with stakeholders, and commercialization of product and brand management.

With my responsibilities in XX focusing more and more on Corporate Strategy and on establishing XX as the preferred Telecom Solutions provider for all North American Telecom operators, I believe a continue reading MBA curriculum from Olin will significantly prepare me for the next leap in my career.

Last year, I co-founded XXSolutions, a technology startup which focusses on mobile application solutions. Managing it in my spare time, I have built a team of two consultants to provide low cost services for small businesses. An Olin MBA will expand my knowledge of the myriad different components of running a startup business and help me to navigate hitherto unexplored avenues of growth.

Furthermore, the Washington University MBA will help me to achieve my aspiration of mentoring budding entrepreneurs and startups.

Washington Olin Essay 2: Please tell us about your most challenging team experience. What role did you play? Washington Olin Mba Essays factors made it a challenge? How did your group address these issues?

Olin Washington MBA Essay Writing, Class of Essay Editing, Essay Tips, Essay Analysis, application deadlines from India's best MBA Essay. Review the full-time MBA Admissions requirements at Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. Learn about transforming into a business leader with a full-time MBA from top-ranked Washington University. Get information on Olin Business School's MBA program. Jun 01,  · The Washington University Olin Business School has just announced the Olin MBA essay topics and deadlines for applicants targeting. Olin Business School is located on Washington University’s campus in St. Louis, Missouri. Olin offers Full-time, Professional, and Executive MBA options.

What did you learn? My Senior Technical Director dropped a bomb on me one day as I was about to go home: Someone has to lead the team of System Engineers to provision all the orders within the specified Service level agreement.

With only one year in the department, my selection to lead this massive effort was extraordinary and challenging. Never had I been in a situation where there was such a tight deadline and the impact was so great.

Washington Olin Mba Essays an eight hour deadline, I immediately organized a team meeting with the System Engineers, Application Developers, Technical Architects and Database Administrators. The file messaging system was broken within the application for the main server, so we shifted the load to the backup server.

We would have to write the automated scripts to provision the orders quickly. I mobilized help from every department in the company to make sure we met the deadline. With five hours to go and still 25, orders pending my team had resigned itself to failure. At the center of this negative cloud was one of the System Engineers.

I spoke to him privately and tried to reason with him. But in his resentment regarding the required overtime, he dug in his heels. Though I prefer persuasive leadership over brute coercion, I finally had to ask him if he was genuinely interested in this critical assignment and if he would like to be removed from the project.

I separated him from the team so that he could no longer negatively influence them and told him to perform his regular duties. At four hours to go, things were finally moving briskly along.

I established an online chatroom so that the team could immediately discuss any issues that might arise and implemented an organizational plan for charting our progress. More importantly, I changed the way my team viewed the project: After each meeting I realized their individual strengths Washington Olin Mba Essays weaknesses and delegated accordingly.

We completed the job within our 8 hour deadline. I considered this to be my greatest challenge because of my relative in-experience, crisis situation, scale of the problem, technical challenge and team dynamics. I will never forget the exhilaration I felt as I coordinated every department to move in link with graceful efficiency.

The experience ignited a quantum click here in my leadership and communication skills. I learned how to manage expectations and conflict. Washington Olin Essay 3: What aspects of your teamwork and leadership skills do you most want to improve?

I will bring many contributions and strengths to the program and my study team including leadership skills, perseverance, innovation, sense of responsibility and diversity. Leadership How do leaders become better?

By learning from those who have been where you are trying to go. These leaders can show you the way, so you may lead others. I here excited about sharing my experiences as a leader and as well gain from the wisdom of my peers who come from diverse backgrounds.

I am also positive about the outside of the class learning opportunities and believe I will be able to gain significant cross-industry and cross-functional insights.

I will be able to bring unique perspectives of strategy, product management and telecom domain management knowledge to the class. I have been involved in leadership opportunities most of my life.

From the co-captain of college Cricket team to Technical Leader of Product development, VP of XX Toastmasters club, leadership has taught me responsibility, courage and strength.

I know how it feels to have the entire weight of an expensive project link your shoulders. I feel that it is very important to have leadership Washington Olin Mba Essays in a program that relies so heavily on group participation.

In every group, you are not always the leader. But after participating in these roles, I understand the role of a leader. By understanding, I believe that I can be more effective and cooperative in a group and bring both perspectives of a leader and that of a follower.

My ability to lead a global product development activity, lead the internal development of a product etc. I know for a fact MBA programs are very demanding, not easy and Olin is no different. But I know that I have the strength and resolve to pull through. Strength also comes from those around you. With all the group projects and study groups involved in the program, there is no choice but to pull for each other.

During the training of my first marathon, my both feet developed infections just before a month of race day. Doctors performed surgery to kill the infection and suggested not to run for at least six weeks, till it gets healed completely.

Friends, Colleagues everyone counted me out for my first big race. Till now, I have completed four marathons and my foot is going stronger than ever.

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I bring the same ability of perseverance and hard work to the community at Olin and believe this will go a long way in terms of getting the maximum out of the program. Innovation today has the ability to create significant competitive differentiation for corporations. My Product management experience and ability to develop innovative solutions for large Telecom companies will provide a different perspective to the study group.

As a Product Lead, I designed innovative dashboards which help Senior Leadership in gathering data points and arriving at important business decisions. I do believe that I have the ability to make something from nothing at all. I enjoy improvising and believe my ability to think out of the box, to thing in structured manner will add significant value to class room Washington Olin Mba Essays case study discussions and help other peers too to make maximum out of the program.

Sense of Responsibility to self, family, and community I feel a great need to use my knowledge to help others around me. I will look to leverage the knowledge and perspectives gained at Olin to help the society at large and add value Washington Olin Mba Essays the environment around me. I want to help budding entrepreneur through nonprofit organization XX, who helped in setting up my technology start up.

Olin EMBA program is passionate about group work and participation. Http://uht.me/essay-help/proposal-essays-on-immigration.php know that I can come Washington Olin Mba Essays group setting and be productive. The aspects of my teamwork and leadership skills I most want to improve. Through my work at XX, I have gained experience in Technical thought leadership, people management, Sales and Marketing.

I will need to strengthen my understanding of Organizational behavior, corporate strategy and aspects of transformative leadership. I want to focus on learning effective delegation and successful decision making skills. At Olin, I can tailor the curriculum perfectly fit it to my needs and goals. As I seek my next role in XX as Technology and Business operations head, I need better negotiation skills to interact with customers and stakeholders. Negotiation and Problem solving skills course will prepare me to overcome challenges.

I click at this page these are critical skill-sets and a strong foundation of these will go a long way in helping me evolve as a global management professional.

Washington Olin Essay 4: Please write a brief statement about yourself including past work experience, outside interests, and any other information about yourself you wish to share. If you are admitted into our Executive MBA program, this statement will be included in a directory distributed to your peers and faculty.

I bring a diverse experience in Business consulting, Telecom solution designing and Product Management. In this role, I oversee planning of monthly software releases, rolling out technical solutions and leadership of daily operations. As a product lead I am also responsible for Market and Technology Research, Strategy development; Sales pitch creation, Account mining and customization efforts.

My other interests include practicing Public speaking and running full Marathons.

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As a fitness enthusiast, I have a deep desire to run marathons across the globe.