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useFor some this bumping will happen earlier in the list, for here a little later down the list, but the list will be more or less the same for everybody.

Proper etiquette, as least in the West, would want to make us run away from that topic. Well, for one thing I am constantly accused of not discussing this elephant. Furthermore, I am afraid that the role this elephant is playing is particularly toxic right now. So let me try to deal with this beast; but first I have to begin with some caveats. Please note that Gilad specifically ex cludes Judaics religious Jews, from his discussion.

I very much in clude them in my discussion.

Racism is, in my opinion, not so much the belief that various human groups are different from each other, say like dog breeds can be different, but the belief that the differences between human groups are larger than within the group.

Third, racism often, but not always, assumes a hierarchy amongst human groups Germanic Aryans over Slavs or Jews, Jews over Gentiles, etc. To sum it all up, I need to warn both racists and rabid anti-anti-Zionists that I will disappoint them both: Second, so what are Jews if not a race?

Vineyard Business Plan Handbook

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In my opinion, they are a tribe which Oxford Dictionaries defines as: A tribe is Vineyard Business Plan Handbook group one can chose to join Elizabeth Taylor or leave Gilad Atzmon. Third, it is precisely and because Jews are a tribe to which we who are non-Jews owe exactly nothing: We ought to treat Jews exactly as we treat any other of our fellow human beings: So if being Jewish is a choice and if any choice is a legitimate object of discussion and criticism, then choosing to being Jewish is a legitimate object of discussion and criticism.

Conversely, those who would deny us the right to criticize Jews are, of course, the real racists since they do believe that Jews somehow deserve a special status. In fact, that notion is at the core of the entire Jewish identity and ideology. Thus, for our purposes and in this context, these terms are all interchangeable.

Zionism used to be secular, but it turned religious during the late 20th century, so now for our purposes this term can encompass both secular and religious Jewish supremacists. By the way, I am under no illusions either; some Jews or doubleplusgoodthinking shabbos-goyim will still accuse me of racism.

This just comes with the territory. But the good news is when I will challenge them to prove their accusation they will walk away empty-handed]. The reason I decided to tackle this issue today is that the forces who broke Trump in less than a month are also the very same forces responsible for his political Ziocons are the folks who control the US corporate media, Hollywood, Congress, most of academia, etc.

There Vineyard Business Plan Handbook some pretty good evidence that the person in charge of this quiet coup is Jared Kushner, a rabid Zionist. I think that we can all agree that having the black flag of Daesh fly over Damascus would be a disaster for Israel.

You are thinking like a mentally sane person. This is not how the Israelis think at all. And that, in plain English, means fully occupying and annexing the Golan a longstanding Israeli dream. Vineyard Business Plan Handbook putting Daesh into power in Syria, the Israelis hope for a long, bloody and never-ending war in Lebanon and Syria.

Here their northern neighbors would be plugged into a maelstrom of atrocities and horrors, the Israelis would get to watch it all from across their border while sending a few aircraft from time to time to bomb Hezbollah positions or even innocent civilians under whatever pretext.

Remember how the Israelis watched in total delight while their forces bombed the population of Gaza in ?

With Daesh in power in Damascus, they would get an even better show to take their kids to watch. Finally, and last but definitely not least, the Vineyard Business Plan Handbook Christians would be basically completely wiped out.

For those who know the hatred Judaics and Jews have always felt for Christianity even today it will be clear why the Israelis would want Daesh in power in Syria: Daesh is basically a tool to carve up an even bigger Zionist entity. Ziocons, especially ex-Trotskyists turned Neocons, absolutely loathe Russia and everything Russian. Then listen to Putin himself. The bottom line is this: In fact, relations between Russians and Jews have, I would argue, been significantly improving since the Nazi coup in Kiev, much to the chagrin of the relatively few Russians left who truly hate Jews.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are many substantial differences between Russian Jews and US Jews, especially among those Russian Jews who deliberately chose not to emigrate to Israel, or some other western country those interested in this topic can find a more detailed discussion here.

Jews in Russia today deliberately chose to stay and that, right there, show a very different attitude than the earlier attitude of those Jews and non-Jews who took the first opportunity to get out of Russia as soon as possible. Bottom line — Click feel an overwhelming and always present hatred for Russia and Russians and that factor is one of the key components of their motivations.

Unless you take that hatred into account you will never be able to make sense of the Ziocons and their demented policies. I think that Trump can be criticized for a lot of things, but there is exactly zero evidence of him ever harboring anti-Russian click here. There is plenty of evidence that he has always been pro-Israeli, but no more than any politician or businessman in the USA.

I doubt that Trump even knows where the Golan Heights even are. He probably also does not know that Hezbollah and Daesh are mortal enemies. More generally, the guy is really not ideological.

The best evidence is his goofy idea of Vineyard Business Plan Handbook a wall to solve the problem of illegal immigration: The Vineyard Business Plan Handbook goes for his views on Russia.

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He probably figured out something along these lines: The poor man apparently had absolutely no idea of the power and maniacal drive of the Neocons who met him once he entered the White House.

Even worse is the fact that he Vineyard Business Plan Handbook does not realize that they are now using him to try out some pretty demented policies for which they will later try to impeach him as the sole culprit, should things go wrong and they most definitely will.

I am not so sure that they truly are in control of the Pentagon, but when I see the kind of pliable and spineless military figures Trump has recently appointed, Vineyard Business Plan Handbook get the feeling that there are only two types of officers left in the top ranks of the US military: Not good at all.

And yet, that is precisely what we are now all living with: But, alas, article source are also right! Remember — Jews are not owed any special favor and there is no need to constantly engage in various forms of complex linguistic or mental yoga contortions when discussing them and their role in the modern world.

Still, I am using ZOG here just to show that it can be done, but this is not my favorite expression. I just feel that committing the crimethink here will encourage others to come out of their shell and speak freely. At the very least, simply asking the link of whether we do or do not have a Zionist Occupation Government is an extremely important exercise.

Hence, for today I ZOG-away: Okay — what would you call a regime which is clearly acting in direct opposition to Vineyard Business Plan Handbook will of an overwhelming majority of its citizens, and which acts in the interests of a foreign power with which the USA does not even have a formal treaty?

Because, please make no mistake here, this is not a Trump-specific phenomenon. I think that it all began with Reagan, and that the Ziocons fully seized power with Bill Clinton. Others think that it all began with Kennedy.

Are dozens Vineyard Business Plan Handbook must

Whatever may be the case during election after election Americans consistently vote for less war and each time around they get more wars. It is true that most Americans are mentally unable to conceptually analyze the bizarre phenomena of a country with no enemies and formidable natural barriers needs to spend more on wars of aggression then the rest of the planet spends of defense.

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Lastly, most Americans do believe that they have some kind of duty to police the planet. But at the same timethey are also sick and tired of wars, if only because so many of their relatives, friends and neighbors return from these wars either dead or crippled.

That, and the fact that Americans absolutely hate losing. Losing is all the USA has been doing since God knows how long: That song was written in ! And since then, nothing has changed. If anything, things have become far worse. ZOG is not an American problem.

Powerful as this armada Vineyard Business Plan Handbook be, it can do absolutely nothing to prevent the DPRK artillery from smashing Seoul into smithereens. You think that I am exaggerating? Here we are talking about old fashioned, conventional, artillery pieces. Wikipedia says that the DPRK has 8, artillery pieces and 4, learn more here rocket launcher systems.

Two days ago a Russian expert said that the real figure was just under 20, artillery pieces. The DPRK also has some more modern but equally dangerous capabilities. Exactly, nothing at all. No, I did not. First, I am not at all sure that the kind of nukes the DPRK has can be fitted for delivery on a missile. Having a few nukes and having missiles is one thing, having missiles capable of adequately delivering these nukes is quite another.

I suppose that DPRK special forces could simply drive a nuke down near Seoul on a run-of-the-mill army truck and blow it up. Or bring it in a container ship somewhere in the general vicinity of Vineyard Business Plan Handbook US or Korean base and blow it up. One neat trick would be to load a nuke on a civilian ship, say a fishing vessel, and bring it somewhere near the USS Carl Vinson and then Vineyard Business Plan Handbook it up.

Even if the USN ships survive this unscathed, the panic aboard these ships would be total. But you never know — n ecessity is the mother of inventionas the British like to say. The problem here is that I am not sure at all how Kim Jong-un and his Party minions might react to that kind of loss of face. What if they decided that they needed to fire some more missiles, some in the general direction of US forces in the region there are fixed US targets all over the place.

How will Trump prove that he is the biggest dog on the block? I am not at all sure that Kim Jong-un will find the presence of the US carrier strike group as pathetic and useless as I do. This is mostly due to the fact that Russian and Syrian leaders are well-educated people who are less concerned with loss of face than with achieving their end here. In direct contrast, both Kim Jong-un and Trump are weak, insecure, leaders with an urgent need to prove to their people and to themselves!