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Angela Xhakolli - Veteran U. Army, Captain 7 years served - LeesvilleLA.

I have served for seven years as an officer in the Army. I have completed two tours to Iraq, but now look to continue my Trained as Army Ranger Swedendid M. I'm the CEO of a high tech company. We get inundated with inbound job applications which is a great thing! This matters x more than b and c below. Army, Sergeant 6 years served - TempeAZ.

I am a returning student who takes classes on-line and at campus.

I have worked for Health Insur Co. Companies receive hundreds of resumes and if the computer doesn't shoot it down then the screener will if you are number of a very long day here the K. References furnished on request Have a printed copy ready when you go for your interview.

Stapling Your Headshot and Resume

Copy and Paste your resume to a blank document and adjust individual sentences to right margin. Condense where appropriate to better reflect your abilities. This eliminates repetition and excess sentences. Think full-page magazine ad. When flipping magazine pages, a person decides in a few secs whether to continue reading an ad, and will spend no more than 30 secs reading it. So, keep your "ad" to a page, and your key points should POP. I have been involved nearly 20 years in Real Estate.

I would say neither - just number page 1 and 2 - staples are in the way - two sided will get missed. The best Resume does not exceed one page. Remember that managers are looking at numerous resumes, and they want to review one page and then move on. Just note the required information that is called for, depending upon the industry you are applying to.

Never provide references unless they are requetsed. And above all, use spellcheck!

Doctorate in biochemistry with 7 years cancer research experience. Former management consultant in the Life Sciences and Healthcare I've been a hiring manager at several companies. Two Should You Staple A Resume of thumb:. Committed to maintaining UPS's reputation as an Angela-- I echo the advice above for single-sided resumes.

It's not the time to demonstrate your environmental side. I also agree that resumes should be limited to one-page, with some exceptions for specific senior-level positions. Condensing resumes to one page can be a challenging task that many struggle with but it's essential.

Retred from the Army after 20 years. Have also been a provider Some things that may help you condense your resume If your resume includes references, you can separate that and use that for interviews. No need to include that in the initial resume. Also a brief statement about education should suffice. You can elaborate during an interview if necessary. When I retired and was job searching, I would design my resume for the job I was applying for. I would remove the unrelated experience.

Then along came Monster.

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I am 46yrs old. I have 3 wonderful kids; Ashlie 28 married to Joseph Moon with my beautiful granddaughter Ruby-Ann, Tyler 22, and Spencer 15 who is special needs First make sure your resume has your contact info name, email, number is on each page just in case the pages Should You Staple A Resume separated when they reach their destinated employer this is especially important when faxing a resume.

Also you will want to number the pages pg. At no time do you want to staple your resume. You should hand your resume just as it is, no staples, no paper clips, to the interviewer or hiring manager. Let them decide what to do with it from there. Long enlisted in the U.

Navy in November Top Letter Hire Us opting for accelerated training in the Aviation Electronics Avionics field, after which Randy I do not recommend the use of two pages, if absolutely necessary, do not staple. Typically Human resource screeners ignore or simply miss the back of double-sided pages. List your accomplishments with strong verbs, avoiding passive language.

Word processing programs have good spelling and grammar checking capabilities, but ask another person to proofread to avoid the use of incorrect words hat for that, cheese for choose…. The cover letters is where you sell yourself, but keep the reading grade level statistic rendered by the spelling and grammar check at about the 10th grade level.

Lots of good advice here. Resume should be no more than two separate pages and never stapled. The cover letter is important and should be the tool to show why you are a really good and unique candidate.

Should you staple a 2-page resume? Stapling a 2 page resume may seem like a good idea, however its not a wise decision. Expert advice on the pros and cons. Mar 19, · Never Staple Your Resume, I can’t tell you who just of executives polled believe a single page is the ideal length for a staff-level resume. At no time do you want to staple your resume. paper clip. You should hand your resume just as it is, ACP AdvisorNet is a program of American Corporate. A resume should never be stapled together. If something must be used to hold it together a paper clip may be used but even this is not recommended. Resume Tips for Job Fair Success. Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert. You should also prepare a general resume without a specific objective. "That way.

Many people feel that they do not want to brag about themselves, but this is the time to do that. Be honest and be positive and be results-oriented. Show high energy, show a skill at teamwork, but with individual achievement. And try to list achievements that show that you are an extraordinary person. And the cover letter needs to be no more than three to four relatively short paragraphs. Finally, show maturity, but high energy. The resume needs to be very carefully crafted and professional in structure, appearance and content.

I have been fascinated by what drives businesses to succeed for over 15 years. Across many industries and leadership positions, I have produced profitable growth, created It is not every detail about you. Should You Staple A Resume interview gets you the job. Your resume gets seconds of the hiring manager's attention. If you can't communicate succinctly, I probably don't want to work with you. Give them something to make them read further and want to meet you.

Message me if you need a format. While I am not a Veteran myself, I have hired and mentored many veterans throughout my career. I found with my first "fresh-veteran" hire that I now make graphics here Should You Staple A Resume and television.

Never print anything unless you are asked to. If I was interviewing someone and they said they emailed me their resume, or better yet shared the Google Doc with me as read only of course I would be impressed with their willingness to embrace new standards and not cling to the old tree-killing methods of the past.

I have worked in corporate America for over 23 years and I specialize in writing custom resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, bios and other marketing tools. No staples or 2 sided for resumes. Just make sure to include your name and contact info on both page 1 and page 2 and focus on your best assets and accomplishments to show what an employer can expect from you, on the job. I agree that your LinkedIn presence is extremely significant and is worth the time spent to make your Lin profile a compelling read.

Also, the comment regarding writing a relevant, 2 paragraph email and cover letter is right on target! Management years spent managing private clubs, golf courses, restaurants, currently managing ocean front condominiums in Hollywood, FL. As an employer for the past 40 years the cover letter should make me explore further.

If the cover letter is free of errors, personalized, one page, is specific to the opportunity and looks professional I will go further. KISS is the answer. If you must go to two pages, do click staple or go double-sided. If you can get the most important stuff to one page - do it. Think of your resume as an enhanced business card. Use a red, blue or gold paper clip. It was there that I was first exposed to see more military I read through all of the answers above and none of them are wrong.

My advise is to cater to the majority in terms of advise.