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click data-lazy-type="image" alt="likes" class="lazy lazy-hidden alignright size-full wp-image-296" width="220">While researching for information on marketing, the first site I chose was an article from About. According to the article, the marketing industry is rapidly expanding and the needs of customers are constantly changing.

Just knowing the basic principles of marketing will no longer suffice as a way to be successful. Continuing to educate ourselves on the current strategies of marketing is a must.

Having a creative mind and being able to work well under pressure is important for a marketer. Marketers usually work directly with people which means they must be able to communicate with others. Defining the actual role of a marketer is difficult due to the wide variety of options to choose from.

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source This article is meant as a general overview to give some insight for what a marketer is and some of the qualities they possess. The website even included several tips on how land an internship.

Not only was the information well-organized, it also linked the reader to other reliable sources if one wanted to continue their research on marketing. Continuing my research on marketing, the next source I chose was Wetfeet. This article was another recommendation from my professor. Marketing is the strategic function between product development and sales.

There are four components to marketing which include: Based on whether the product is considered high-end or low-end, the marketing team creates a selling approach. According to the article, these are the responsibilities of a marketing manager. Upon reading this, I began thinking this was a job that I could possibly see myself pursuing.

The article then goes into great detail about the requirements of a marketer such as having certain degrees and having sharp communication skills.

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Similar to the first article, wetfeet. Finally, the article concluded with the potential salaries that a marketer can earn. Thanks to this website, I have a better idea of what career within marketing that I want to research. While reading the job requirements of several marketing positions, the job of a Marketing Director caught my eye. Between andthis position is estimated to expand by Among the vast duties of a director, some include: Apart from their own job requirements, directors are also responsible for managing their staff and recruiting new Self Evaluation As A Writer Essay.

Marketing directors must be able to effectively communicate both written and orally. While this job seems to be very involved when it comes to the effort and dedication required, the payoff is worth it. Switching gears, I began looking up information about advertising. Unlike the other two articles, this one began with what an advertiser is. The job of an advertiser can range from creating brochures and pamphlets to advertising online for businesses.

Copy writers, graphic designers, and art directors also work in this field.

Moving forward, the website also contains information about finding a job in advertising and how to create a portfolio of work. There is no shortage of information due to the fact that the website links you to multiple other websites relating to the topic. However, I did enjoy learning about adverting and what the job requirements are.

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The article gives some general background information about advertising and the types of skills that are expected of you. Being well-organized and having people skills is among the most common requirements of an advertiser.

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The article also goes into detail about the many job options currently available for people in the field of advertising. Similar to the other article about advertising, this website mentions making flyers, pamphlets, and banners for online business.

If one wants to further explore advertising, the website gives links to blogs dedicated on providing information about advertising. After researching for information on both topics, I better understand the difference between marketing and advertising.

Continue reading closely related at times, advertising requires spreading the word about different products while marketing brings both merchants and consumers together.

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