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It indicates that you have been paid to act on a seriously professional level. Know, however, that when you join SAG you are agreeing to no longer work any non-union jobs. This is a very brief, not super thorough overview. Read the Brains read article Minerva post for more in-depth coverage of this.

Once you are eligible, you are free to join SAG at any time. And yes, you can pay with Visa or Mastercard. If you choose not to join off the bat, it works as follows:. Please click for source the date you first become eligible, you then have 30 days to do as much SAG work as possible without having to join the union.

After that 30 days, if you book another SAG job and they call to clear you in time, you can be cleared for an additional 30 days to again do as much SAG work as possible without having to join. Note, if you are in the midst of your payment plan and book another SAG job, you must pay off the balance you owe in full before you can be cleared for another job.

Station 12 Promise to Pay. Wow, you really know your history. So what does this have to do with SAG? Without further boring you, what it means for an actor is that if you get a Taft-Hartley you are then eligible to join SAG as mentioned above. Getting Taft-Hartleyed is rather difficult to accomplish, as a TV show or movie Sag Eligibility On Resume to do a minimal paperwork and pay a minimal…like a few hundred dollars fine to Taft-Hartley you.

Fortunately for you, you can get Taft-Hartleyed by doing your own web video or webseries, and pay no fine. How to form a Sag Eligibility On Resume signatory company for a web-based video project and Taft-Hartley someone such as yourself. First of all, know that SAG states you cannot use the following process simply to Taft-Hartley yourself or anyone else. You must actually do a legitimate web project. When doing a project through SAG you are agreeing to abide by their rules, and to hire union SAG actors for your project, unless for some reason you are unable to find a SAG actor for a specific role see the actual Taft-Hartley info below.

Brains of Minerva has another incredible article on what this all means when doing a web project. Along with that sheet, you must also turn in the following:.

It generally takes 3 weeks or so to process this form. Sag Eligibility On Resume you submit the preliminary info they will send you a large packet of information that will also have the Taft-Hartley form that you then fill out to officially form the SAG Signatory Company.

Hi! I got Taft-Hartleyed on a web project, but still haven’t received my letter from SAG regarding eligibility. I looked online at their site to see if I’m. Register and gain instant access to valuable career tools. Whether you’re working in the USA or abroad, always comply with the union’s Global Rule One by. connecticut state employees retirement system hybrid plan summary plan description (spd). To respond to any of our current open positions, please send your cover letter and resume to: We look forward to hearing from you! Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) Recruitment Find BSNL Recruitment Notifications, Eligibility Criteria, Selection Procedure, Admit card, Result, Important.

Click at this page best advice I can give you: Poor sound makes a project seem incredibly unprofessional. There is some paperwork included with your signatory packet that you are required to fill out during your shoot.

Be as thorough as possible. If you are planning to hire a non-union actor such as yourselfthen you submit the Taft-Hartley within 15 days of the non-union performer working on the project. Ever wondered what the actual Taft-Hartley looks like? Well, look no further. Please know that if and when you produce your own project, there are a number of legal ramifications that you need to be aware of.

First of all, if you personally are listed as the SAG-Signatory producer when you fill out the paperwork explained above, then you personally are legally responsible for everything that happens on your set. As such, it might be wise to form an LLC or other legal entity that produces your project. In addition, there are myriad state and federal legal requirements when Sag Eligibility On Resume produce something.

Moving picture entertainment is moving more and more online, and I can only think that SAG wants to be as much a part of Sag Eligibility On Resume as possible.

If you have any further questions on what is presented here, I suggest you call the appropriate SAG department full list here.

I hope this has been helpful. Ben Whitehair is the Los Angeles contingent of this blog. Great article but have a simple question. Sorry for being so dense. I was just a principal performer in an Ultra Low Budget film with deferred pay. Does that count as eligibility? Or do I still have a ways to go? It depends whether they submitted a Taft-Hartley for you or not. I am a European citizen. I just worked on a very big studio production, they Taft Hartleyed me, is it possible that the production will pay for Sag Eligibility On Resume dues?

The idea is that with a big job that qualifies you for SAG that you would then have enough money to pay the union dues. Does anyone know if this is still valid under the new merger?

Has the merger had any effect on this at all? Definitely something worth investigating. Or does it start when the papers are filed with SAG? I would call SAG and check on your status. I recently produced and starred in my own web series.

How Do You Become A Member Of SAG?

We just finished filming and the Sag Eligibility On Resume is currently in just click for source. The contracts, paperwork, meal break schedule, and my T-H paperwork were Submitted about a week ago. Do they send a letter? How long does that usually take? If you needed to work another SAG job, they should be able to pull it up in their system. And they will send you a letter confirming your eligibility once everything is processed, though my recollection from when I did it is that it took at LEAST a few weeks before I got that letter.

I just got booked for as a Principal performer for an SAG commercial. What do I do now to get Taft-Harleyed? Do I ask to speak with the Sag Eligibility On Resume director at the shoot? Have my agency speak with them? They should have the appropriate paperwork on set when you get there to fill out.

Thanks so much for the article! That means joining the union then essentially backing out. My personal belief is that the unions are here to protect actors, and going fi-core harms that very purpose. Yes they need to be from a SAG production.

Any information as how this can work for an animated webseries? Only difference is drawing everything instead of filming it and having voice actors instead of onscreen ones. My guess is it would be the same…voice acting is still covered under SAG guidelines.

Thank you so much for this info. I have a question regarding SAG Eligibility. Do they have to pay extra or fill out forms for you to work since technically you are still non-union?

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Or is it just like you are SAG and they treat it as such when considering you for jobs? SAGe is really the best place to be in many regards. To be clear, though, Sag Eligibility On Resume need to actually become SAG-eligible before putting it on your resume. I would say yes. If you booked a union job, SAG would approve it if your taft-hartley has been Sag Eligibility On Resume. Just learning about all this so excuse my ignorance — my younger brother 21 has only done indie films to date, but now has been booked to work as a stand-in for the leading man in a pilot being filmed for one of the major pay-per-view networks.

The job should last apprx 3 weeks. If so, is there anything he needs to do once on set? Would being SAG improve his chances of becoming a full time stand in if the pilot is picked up? It totally depends on whether or not the project is a union project. Best thing to do there is be super easy to work with and really nice to everyone on set.

Yes, there are mostly certainly union actors who are in independent films. Yes, there are indeed. Often the SAG low-budget, modified low-budget, or ultra low budget contracts. I wrote and produced my own webseries under Sag New Media earlier this year and I submitted my Taft-Hartley as well as the other 2 non-union actors; however, my Taft-Hartley was denied due to my listing as not only the Principal Actor but as Casting Director.

This is what the supervisor, Kam Talbott, told me. The other non-union read article are now SAGe.

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Have you heard of this? What should I do? I would call them back and see if you can enroll them in allowing your taft-hartley to go through.

Wish I had a better idea.