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A lot of companies today are looking for fresh graduates, especially in sales and marketing, and in countries with a strong IT hub, like those in the Business Process Outsourcing or BPOs. While there are a lot of challenges and the fact that companies are taking chances on inexperienced employees, they gamble on the fact that with proper training, these freshers will turn out to be top performers eventually. In as much as academic institutions train Professional Resume For Engineering Freshers to become accustomed to a profession of their choosing, nothing can ever prepare anyone for the real thing.

So how does a fresh graduate apply for a job with virtually zero experience? The key is in the contents of his or her resume.


Equal Opportunity in Employment Act ensure fresh graduates are able to obtain jobs as experienced employees do. Even with no previous work experience, freshers today are more confident of landing jobs than their peers just a decade ago.

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Advances in academic training and the explosion of technology and computer-related courses have prepared schools to catch up on the level of training for such professions to their students.

To help guide freshers on how to outline their resumes in such a way that their skills are highlighted even with limited experience, we are offering a couple of examples that are custom-made for freshers.

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These samples and templates are aimed to guide freshers on how to write and what to include in their resumes. Any typographical or grammatical error is usually fatal in a resume and will blow your chances of getting hired.

Please check on a couple of our offered samples and use them as guides and reference to draft and compose your own resume.

These are all free for downloading can be printed if you choose to do so. Based on the template examples presented here, a typical resume format has three kinds that applicants can apply on their resume.

You may use these samples as a reference when you draft your own resume or you can use them with minor editing or modification to fit your specifications.

For this reason, your resume should reflect your being a fresher so that your employer will be made aware of guiding you through the goings on in the company to prepare you step by step for bigger responsibilities at hand. Being a fresher should not hinder you from looking for a job. Remember that experience is a great teacher and you need to start somewhere.

Every applicant has experienced rejection at least once in his or her life. Now start writing that resume and pray that luck will be on your side when you hand in your first job application resume!