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won't work, althoughPit bulls are considered so trustworthy with children, they're nicknames are "nannydogs" or "nursemaids. This affects the U. People think pit bulls are too aggressive.

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Are pit bulls really that dangerous? Or is it owners being cruel to pit bulls?

Transcript of Persuasive Speech: Why Pit Bulls Shouldn't Be Banned. Why Pit Bulls Shouldn't be Banned By: Bobbie Parker What is a Pit Bull? Body Myths Facts. Society has gone so far with this that there are even laws banning pit bulls in [tags: Argumentative, Persuasive The Pit and the Pendulum essay. "Persuasive Essays On Pit Bulls" Essays and Persuasive Essay- Discrimination Pit Bulls Some people have of the law banning pit bulls in. The pit bull is a breed of dog with a connotation that has been skewed by misrepresentation of evidence and flat out lies. banning pit bulls would make no progress. There are indeed many reasons why pit bulls should be banned and among these is the vicious nature of pit bulls. As much as there are those individuals who may argue.

As a result, pit bulls are being banned in many states and cities. One reason pit bulls are becoming banned is because of their aggressiveness. They are biting people, in which people are hurt. Long ago, pit bulls were used as wardogs. They were brought to America by settlers. Pit bulls used to be America's "darlings.

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Should Pit Bulls be Banned With that in mind, why then are some localities banning pit bulls? They are trying to eliminate the possibility of dog attacks. Persuasive Essay 2/7/13 Pit-bulls should not be banned, If you think banning one breed of dog will stop attacks you have no clue what you’re talking. Transcript of Persuasive Speech: Why Pit Bulls Shouldn't Be Banned. Why Pit Bulls Shouldn't be Banned By: Bobbie Parker What is a Pit Bull? Body Myths Facts.

Are pit bulls really that dangerous and aggressive? There are lots of irresponsible owners out there, and they aren't treating pit bulls very nicely.

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This makes pit bulls angry, and they could possibly start attacking, because of the owners. There are countless dogs that have caused no trouble. Pit bulls might think you are just playing with them, when you are really doing something else. Furthermore, pit bulls are excellent guard dogs.

They know who is supposed to be on your property and who is not. Due to these facts, are pit bulls troublemakers? Another cause to pit bulls being banned, is owners treating pit bulls with cruelty.

Some owners are only interested in pit bulls for fighting or guarding. People who have pit bulls treat them badly by chaining them up. This, again, makes pit bulls mad, so they get the feeling to attack. Others, leave their dogs outside in extreme weather.

Consequently, pit bulls have to deal with the cruelty. In conclusion, animal shelters are overflowed with one breed of dog pit bull. ASPCA says they are "hard-to-place" dogs.

Not many people want pit bulls because they are so aggressive. Others just want a cuddly dog to play and have fun with. Pit bulls aren't loved as much as they used to be, when they were America's "darlings".

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