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must get effectivelyCulture and Setting in The Great Gatsby.

When students are asked to read and analyze the literary workings of a novel, they should be given access to knowledge of the historical and contextual information so the reading experience is both understandable and enjoyable. Though students learn more here learn of the culture and context merely by reading, lack of information can be distracting to overall literary learning if they do not understand the time period, important places, people and events.

We will have a brief discussion that all of these cultural elements are part of setting. After the presentation, we will play Bingo. I will only read the descriptions and they must then find the correlating word or concept, assessing their recall of the information learned about this time period. At least three of the concepts or cultural elements should be used in their picture. Students understand what slang is. Sometimes without recognizing that they comprehend different registers for speaking, they will cater their language for a specific situation.

Slang is ever changing and evolving. To teach students about the meaning and definitions of slang words in the twenties, we will play a large game of Balderdash. Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby will write words on the board that they may have never heard of like: They will place their definitions in a hat.

We will read a few definitions including the correct definition and have the students guess which one is correct. Whoever writes the most believable definition and fools the class gets a prize. This activity gets students to think of connections to other words and connotations.

It also teaches students that culture has an effect Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby words. Central to the story of The Great Gatsby is his love for Daisy.

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The reason he does what he does or becomes who he becomes is because he believes his actions will make Daisy love him again. Love can be a very relevant topic for eleventh grade students. It can generate many different opinions. One good way for students to Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby self-inquiry is to ask their opinions on love.

Students then walk around to each poster, assess the question, think critically and then express their opinions by writing their answer on the poster. After every student has written Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby each poster, the class holds a discussion on the results.

This allows students to deal with higher-level questions and express differing opinions. This discussion can also give them some alternative ideas as they think on the relationship, love or obsession that Jay Gatsby has for Daisy in the book later.

One of the important struggles in The Great Gatsby link Jay trying to convince Daisy that she does not love her current husband and that she should runaway with him. Students can learn the art of persuasion before encountering this in the text by writing a persuasive letter. Much like the letter the Daisy receives from Gatsby right before she gets married, students will be asked to write a persuasive letter to somebody of their choice on one topic from a list.

The list of situations will include: Persuade somebody not to marry someone else though you are not sure when you will be back to start a relationship with them. Why should they wait? Use reason, details and logic. Persuade somebody to not get involved in illegal dealings though it is their only source of income.

This activity allows Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby to practice drafting letters, thinking critically and writing persuasively. To understand the character Jay Gatsby is to know that his identity has been riddled with rumors, facades and even a new name. Fitzgerald intentionally allows readers to be confused along with the narrator. For students to navigate these varying rumors and stories of Gatsby, students need to be aware that varying statements can exist on one issue and be able to assess their own belief on the topics.

By having students read these contrasting articles, they must analyze the texts in order to find the truth if it exists. The class will then hold a discussion on the articles in class, acknowledging the problems in differing information and deciding which sources are credible.

We can discuss issues such as lies, slander, rumors and the credibility of certain mediums. Students will then have to write a short essay on one pair of opposing articles explaining which article they believe is true and how the text helped them to decide this. Students will be accountable for one chapter or a certain section of a given chapter of The Great Gatsby without reading or researching the other parts of the story.

They will then synthesize their part of the section in a paragraph and present their portion of the story to the class. After all the groups have presented their part of the story the class will have created an abbreviated version of the story to reference for plot comprehension. Here the students are completing a nine paragraph version of The Great Gatsby, they must think critically and judge what parts of the story seem to be most important to the plot.

After the class has contributed, the students will edit this version of the story to make it flow. Students will continue to reference their version as they read. This allows the to synthesize information, write concisely and create a simple outline of the events in the story. Literary terms are sometimes difficult Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby students to comprehend.

It is important to use compelling assigned literature to teach these concepts. The symbols are somewhat difficult to assign meaning to, so it is important that students gain a firm understanding of the purpose and function of symbols.

Students will start by click at common pictures: Students will then write down and discuss what each symbol means.

The teacher will then direct a discussion asking the purpose of using these symbols and what symbols are. Students will then be asked to create a symbol that represents either themselves or something important in their life.

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In this lesson, students explore the connotations of the colors associated with the characters in F. Students discuss the meaning of connotation and how word meanings can change based on circumstances. They work in groups to explore the cultural connotations of a particular color and present their findings to the Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby. Students then apply what they have learned to an analysis of the use of color in Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay.

After they have completed read article reading, students review the observations in their color logs and use the information to write an analysis of one of the major characters in the novel. Helping Students Make Connections with Texts. First students will learn what annotations are and what their purpose is. Students will study Persuasive Essay About The Great Gatsby that are included in some other work, like a Shakespeare play.

They will take notes on the purpose of annotations: After the students make a list of the purposes they will then be given a section of the Great Gatsby to annotate in groups, even if it means drawing a connection back to their own life experiences.

They will research for more in depth information for homework. Students will compile all their annotations definitions they look up, background they have researched, personal experiences in Chicago footnotes. In order to better understand the power of organization, conventions and voice in The Great Gatsby students will be broken up into groups to perform oral interpretations of scenes in the novel.

The scenes could specifically include: Students will have to decide how to perform the voice and tone of the dialogue, the organization of the scene showing the class where the book only tells and adding other effects for performance. While the students should not dress up for the this, they should come prepared with a script showing that they understood and made decisions on the voice, conventions and organization. After all the continue reading have performed, the teacher can then lead a discussion on any differences between oral and written interpretations.

The teacher will show students examples of obituaries in the newspaper. Students can examine the professional prose and information typically included.

Students will then write a fictional obituary of one of the characters in The Great Gatsby using information found in the text.

They can either write an obituary for a character whose death was not included in the text or one that was. It also allows students to research biographies of prominent figures or average citizens today, analyze the characterization developed in the novel and draft an article polished for a newspaper.

Whose dream is it? Do other countries have a similar dream? Can certain interpretations of the American dream be harmful or helpful?

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Did he achieve it? Who attains the American Dream in the novel? Students can even answer these questions in groups first before discussing with the entire class. After students are more comfortable with this concept and their own opinion of its definition and importance, students will then create a small poster that shows visually can include words or phrases what the American dream means to them.

Let students know that they will be presenting these with the class either that day or the following. Have students present their poster and their explanation of the American read article. Discuss functional and dysfunctional relationships.

Ask students what they think a functional relationship is. How does the couple treat each other? How old should a couple be? How long should they know each other before getting serious or married? How should a partner react to infidelity?

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Who has the most functional relationship in The Great Gatsby and why? What does Tom see in Myrtle? Who do you think has the most potential for happiness? Have students discuss these in groups before sharing with the entire class. Have students then write a short in class essay on advice to give one couple in the story. They can choose between: