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had beenHard Candy is the eleventh studio album by American singer-songwriter Madonna.

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It was released on April 19,by Warner Bros. The album was her final studio album with the record company, marking the end of a year recording history.

Together they developed a number of songs for the album, but the basis of the development was Pharrell Williams ' demos.

Madonna had a number of songs written down for the album, which amazed Timberlake. They had intensive discussions among themselves before recording a song. Later, Madonna recalled that most of the songs on Hard Candy were Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix in many respects. However, according to her this was not intentional and happened while she was in the process of developing the album.

Madonna had initially decided to portray herself as the Black Madonna for the cover Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix, and call it the same, but later felt the idea may have been seen as controversial. She instead named the album "Hard Candy", which refers to the juxtaposition of toughness and sweetness. Critical reaction to the album were generally favorable, though some reviewers condemned it for its attempt to harness the urban market.

On release Hard This web page debuted at number one in 37 countries worldwide, including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and the United Kingdom and became the eleventh best-selling album worldwide of The album has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. Three singles Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix released from the album. The first, " 4 Minutes ", was a worldwide success, topping the charts in 21 countries and becoming Madonna's 37th Billboard Hot top-ten hit.

To promote the album, Madonna went on a small promotional tour, where she played in three cities in small venues. In FebruaryTimbaland said that he was working with Madonna for her upcoming eleventh studio album. Recordsand following the release of a greatest hits collection Celebrationshe would join Live Nation Artists, a new initiative launched by concert promoter Live Nation. Together he and Justin Timberlake were confirmed to have worked on the album with Madonna and said that they wrote ten songs for her.

Her album is up there with Justin's album. Remember 'Ugly' by Bubba Go here I got a beat similar to that. The hook is no words. It's saying stuff named after coffee The name of the song is 'La, La'.

I'm Addicted (Rauhofer Remix)

Pharrell did a hot one for her too called 'Candy Shop'. Timbaland finished off by saying that the title of the Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix was not decided then, but he had to reconvene with Madonna to complete the record by September It had initially been defined as having "a lot of producers from a lot of genres in there. However, for Hard Candy Madonna decided to collaborate with read article and artists who were already well-known.

Talking to MTV, Madonna explained her decision to collaborate with well-known producers: He had already laid the groundwork where she was going with it.

She played 'Candy Shop' for me, and a couple Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix other songs, and I thought, 'What a cool direction. Timberlake felt that the song, which Madonna had been working on for years before the Hard Candy project, was comparable to " Frozen " He wanted to turn the line "'The devil wouldn't recognize you, but I do" into a catchy hook and make it sound like a concept.

Timberlake was impressed by the amount of recording material Madonna would already have ready. He said that he does not normally write down his lyrics, since the ideas come faster to him, but Madonna had "all these thoughts, riddles, poems, feelings, all written in huge notebooks It was amazing, taking these little bits here and there and putting them together like a puzzle. What do we want it to be about? What do we want to say?

One of the ideas they connected on was the universality click long-distance relationshipswhich they felt was too personal for them, but nevertheless used the concept in "Miles Away".

Madonna commented on the recorded version: With Interview magazine, Madonna explained her inspirations behind the songs and the music of Hard Candy. She said that "probably in many respects most of the songs [on Hard Candy ] are [autobiographical]. But in more of an unconscious way. I don't really think about telling personal stories when I'm writing music.

And then a lot of times, six months later, eight months later, I go, 'Oh, that's Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix I wrote that song about. Produced by Williams, the song uses the word candy as a metaphor for sex. Williams said, "We were just in a studio, [ The song's development was motivated by a sense of urgency to save the planet from destruction, and how people can enjoy themselves in the process.

An uptempo dance song with Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix urban, hip hop style, it also incorporates Timbaland's bhangra beats.

Rauhofer [c] Hard Candy (Madonna album) the Who's That Girl soundtrack and her first remix compilation, You Can Dance. Madonna's fourth stud. Hard Candy (Madonna album) From That is reflected in songs like "Spanish Lesson" where she sings the line "If you do your homework/ Baby I (Rebirth Remix Edit. SPANISH LESSON é outra das musicas da Madonna que eu não gosto. Um remix onde um rapper canta alguns versos sobre a base de SPANISH LESSON. America the Beautiful: America the Beautiful is an American documentary film directed by Darryl Roberts about self-image in the United States. The film had a limited.

The instrumentation used in the song includes brassfoghorns and cow bells. The song's lyrics carry a message of social awareness, inspired by Madonna's visit to Africa and the human suffering she witnessed. If part of your work is travelling, and the person you are with also works and travels, you find yourself separated a lot and it can be very frustrating, [ I also think it's easier for people to say things from a distance; it's safer. In 'Miles Away' I'm tapping into the global consciousness of people who intimacy problems.

In " Give It 2 Me ", the album's second single, Madonna merged bounce-beats and a funky bassline. Musically it is an upbeat dance song, featuring instrumentation from West African percussion and cowbells. MTV said that " Miles Away ", the third single from the album, was the most deceptively simple track because although it appeared straightforward on the surface, it had a lot of technical tricks underneath it.

The song departs from the dance theme of the album and deals with the difficulties of long-distance relationships.

The next track "Incredible" starts off like a love song but reveals itself to be a plea to someone to start over, while changing its composition from the interlude. According to MTV, the shift in the structure reflected Madonna's own confusion about how she felt about click here lover in the song. It also has influences of Spanish music.

The song has a sense of mystery and starts off softly and slowly with a piano introduction. It then becomes fast and melancholy, with Madonna singing: The trip hop inspired "Voices" is the last track of Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix album, consisting Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix unresolved chords and sweeping strings, as the lyrics question who is really in control: According to her, "['Give It 2 Me'] is basically [opposite in meaning]. This was changed following the release of a similarly named song by Timbaland.

In a interview with Rolling Stone Madonna commented:. It was a play on words. Have you ever heard of the Black Madonna?

It has layers of meaning and for a minute, I thought it would be a fun title for my record. Then I thought, 'Twenty-five per cent of the world might get this, probably less, it's not worth it.

Madonna's representative Liz Rosenberg told Entertainment Weekly: The belt includes the inscription "Give It to Me", the original title of the album. The backdrop displayed pink peppermint swirls.

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America the Beautiful: America the Beautiful is an American documentary film directed by Darryl Roberts about self-image in the United States. The film had a limited. Hard Candy (Madonna album) From That is reflected in songs like "Spanish Lesson" where she sings the line "If you do your homework/ Baby I (Rebirth Remix Edit. Quick Job Search for People with Disabilities - Seven Steps to Getting a Good Job, J. Michael Farr The Top

Seven songs from the album were made available for download by mobile Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix during the week prior to the album's official release. In other markets, Vodafone and Warner Music International made an arrangement which saw the music and other forms of mobile content from "Hard Candy" available exclusively to Vodafone mobile customers prior to the album's general release.

Following the album's release, Madonna went on a promotional tour for the album, which was the first venture as part of her new contract with concert promoters Live Nation with media content provided by "Frank the Plumber LLC". In an interview with the BBC, Madonna stated: I feel that's what people come to hear but I also want to do a few of my oldies but goodies.

I chose "Hung Up" because that was the biggest hit from link last record and I chose "Music" because it's a crowd pleaser, it's anthemic and it brings people together. The show had an expandable, five-platform stage which displayed the album's cover art. Images of Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix flashed on the television screens flanking the back of the stage. Madonna, along with her six dancers, gyrated in choreographed dance moves.

Next, Madonna strapped on an acoustic guitar, took a swig from a champagne bottle and started singing "Miles Away", as images of planes taking off and landing, airports and various locations around the globe were projected across the screens behind her. Then Madonna paused for a moment to thank her collaborators, Madonna Homework Rauhofer Remix Timberlake, West, Timbaland and others.

The show ended with a performance of " Music "during which her dancers emerged from a false, silver subway car door. Madonna danced across the stage, touching the hands of the audience and ended the show by racing up the stage to the subway doors, behind which she disappeared. And waiting for a very long time. It was broadcast internationally on May 15, It began in August and was Madonna's first tour from her new recording and business deal with Live Nation.

The tour was announced in Februarywith dates for American and British venues revealed. The tour was described as a "rock driven dancetastic journey". The show ended with a sing-along of the final song with the audience.

Some changes were made to the set list during the second European leg of the tour inincluding a dance tribute to deceased singer Michael Jackson.

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Madonna's manager Guy Oseary won the Top Manager award. Some have noted, however, that it was Madonna rather than Timberlake who appeared to be the featured artist on the track. At the end of the video, Madonna and Timberlake are consumed by the screen. Records as the second single from the album.