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View Notes - Literature Review- Madeleine Leininger from NSG S03 at South University - Campus Savannah campus. Running Head: LITERATURE REVIEW MADELEINE. The purpose of this article is to present the findings of a literature review regarding the use of Leininger’s ethnonursing research methodology (ENRM) in studies. The Nurse Theory for the Literature Review is: Madeleine Leininger Integrate all articles into a comprehensive reference list at the end of the literature review. 23 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW INTRODUCTION In this chapter Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality is discussed. The relationship between. Evaluation and Personal Application of Leiningers I chose to research the Transcultural Nursing Theory of uht.meine Leininger. Literature Review.

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Literature Review- Madeleine Leininger. Advanced Theoretical Perspectives in Nursing February 9, Response to "infant feeding practices of Vietnamese immigrants to the northwest united states".

Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice, 1 2 Introduction This Literature Review On Leininger is written by Madeline Leininger, a cultural nursing theorist, in response to a study performed by Henderson and Brown on Vietnamese mothers and infant feeding practices.

Leininger adds her own findings from her studies on Vietnamese mothers from over a decade of research and five different locations in the United States. Synopsis Leininger explains how the Vietnamese are religious people but are also adaptive to their environment. This means that although they will continue to follow their culture when they move to the U. Conclusion This article does a very good job at explaining how big of an impact culture can have on not only women and breastfeeding but healthcare in general.

Leininger explains that nurses need to be open and knowledgeable about other cultures to give them efficient care. This knowledge comes from education and experience, as well as communication with patients. Leininger clarifies transcultural nursing. International nursing review, 37 6 In a letter to the editor of the Literature Review On Leininger article, she illuminates the concept of transcultural nursing.

Synopsis Madeleine Leininger goes straight to the point by reminding to Joyce, G and Ruth, D the authors of the article that there a number of statements regarding her cultural assessment that are not exact.

She insists on the fact that as the founder of transcultural nursing she has knowledge of all the details of this theory. Leiningerin her disappointment had gone.

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