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the gameplayThe first step of any language is to learn its alphabet. This lesson is an short introduction on Hindi alphabet. Hindi is written in Devanagari script.

On a paper, it is written from left to right just like English. Unlike Germans and Russians, who have pronunciation signs as well. Learning Hindi requires patience and practice. Learn 5 letters link day. This page gives only the demo of what lies ahead in this website.

The detailed explanations are given in the separate lessons.

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Let us start with the vowels first. The following presentation has 12 vowels.

Each letter is pronounced exactly like the first syllable of the word given below. To learn Hindi Vowles step by step, start from here: These 12 vowels when combined with consonants form actual sound of the language.

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The Hindi alphabet chart below consists 36 Hindi letters. To learn consonants step by step, visit this lesson: Twelve Hindi vowels when put behind a consonant gives us 12 different sounds from each consonants. To learn Hindi Barakhadi alphabet by alphabetstart from here: Hindi Barkhadi in English. In any case,I just want to learn to speak. Thank you very much…. It is very useful to learn Hindi in easy way,and also this site give to us self confidence to learn Hindi.

Please keep on putting present ,past and future when giving sentences. Keep up the good work.

Thanking God that I found this site. Its so easily put out. Hope I learn the language through this site very soon.

Calligraphy alphabets for you to practise and copy. Italic. Blackletter, or Gothic. Foundational. Roundhand. Uncial. With a library of hundreds of free learning games and activities, we are the ultimate CCSS resource for preschool and kindergarten parents and teachers. An index of all the phonemic alphabets, or alphabets featured on Omniglot, including those in use, extinct ones and those used mainly for decorative purposes. To learn Hindi Vowles step by step, start from here: Hindi alphabet: vowels. These 12 vowels when combined with consonants form actual sound of the language. Here you can learn TAMIL vowels for free. The pictures help you remember the vowel if you already know to speak the language. You can download the TAMIL alphabets.

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