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whichLast post Nov 07, May 09, InnetHtml is not working as it gives exception "contents are not literal controls".

Then, from the codebehind it should be accessible. Depending on where the control is you may article source to do a.

FindControl from the parent container, but this should get you on the right track. I have done the same. With in the opening and closing tags of DIV, i have controls like I got the following exception: Whats the reason for trying to access the controls, might be another solution. May 12, In existing page, session is used and long query string is also used.

Now, i want to display the same page with same look and feel, and with populated values to another page where session and query string is not used. Thats not difficult, unfortunately it might be a bit long winded, depending on the number of controls used.

What you will need to do is drop a button of some type on the page, add a postback url for that button to the new page and then reference each control on the new page. There is a good video on this here http: Personally, and I don't know your situation, I would set something in the background and use it as a link, its less complicated so more likely to work - though the postback url feature is pretty good.

May 15, I am working on a newsletter application which renders an on-screen preview of the newsletter that I want to send out in an email. Due to operator issues, I think it would be best to recreate the newsletter in my email rather than grabbing the innerhtml of a tag all though thanks to my asp controls, that wasn't working either This is working fine, however, when I try using that method to create the email body, the email ends up blank Any ideas on this?

Is there a way to convert a control into html text in the background?

RenderControl email control contents innerhtml. May 19, I should have known it was going to be a javascript fix! I keep trying to do everything.

i have a div and an html editor and trying to: add the div inner html to the editor. (thats done) then any changes done in the editor is saved back in the div. here. Use the InnerHtml property to programmatically modify the contents between the opening and closing tags of an HTML server control. The InnerHtml property does not. Nov 07,  · hi all, i have a div and lots of controls within that div. values are populated at run time. now, i want to get the innerhtml of the div in code behind. how can i get. The relevant property to set the inner text on this control is InnerText. As this is a server side control, any change is only going to happen after postback to the server. That would mean the entire page is reloaded and re-rendered. Jun 23,  · On my web page I have a div tag, declared as such: I would like to then update the innerHTML in C# uht.meTML.

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How to send email without account Html5 database connection. InnerHtml; I have done the same. InnerHtml; I got the following exception: Any idea about this? You'll have to show more details. I hope this helps, if it answers your question, don't forget to mark it as such for those who come afterwards.

Thanks in advance, Vinney. Add a hidden field, hfContenido, then add this javascript then must enclose the content with a div: But how can I write Javascript code in aspx. Do you mind to send me the exact code? I would love to get your code.

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