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Writing Contests My missile is bigger then yours. Choose any one of the Avengers Superheroes place them in How To Write Epigram present, They are having to deal with a potential nuclear conflagration between the United States and North Korea.

An epigram is a brief, interesting, memorable, and sometimes surprising or satirical statement. The word is derived from the Greek: ἐπίγραμμα epigramma. Synonyms for epigram at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Glossary of Writing Terms and Phrases: Word-Mart offers meanings and explanations of writing terms and phrases beginning with the letters d to k. This webpage is for Dr. Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome. The 2, entries in this eminently researched collection form the constellation of collected wisdom in American political debate.

Do they successfully continue reading a settlement, do they force one or both countries to the peace table, or do they let them blow each other to kingdom come? Minimum word countMax word count 3, In 2 Days Reviewing Contest Every month we make a cash prize available to the reviewer that writes the most detailed and helpful reviews.

Write for this contest and a cash prize. In 3 Days Book It! Write a new book in three months. In 4 Days Lanturne Poetry Write a five line poem.

The syllable count is one, two, three, four, one. So the first lin has How To Write Epigram syllable, the second line has two, the third line has three syllables, fourth has four and the final line has one. This poetry contest rewards a cash prize.

Tanka is a form of poetry with a specific syllable count. See the announcement for an example. Cash prize to this poetry contest winner. Feb 3rd 5 Line Poem Write a five-lined poem that has a specific syllable count to enter this contest.


Write a - word scene about a conversation between the tester and the failed applicant. Feb 11th Bloody Valentine This is a topic based contest.

Each story has to be about some kind of bloody valentine It is the writers choice as to what they consider a bloody valentine. View the contest announcement for an example. Feb 11th Valentine's Poetry Write a poem where the first letter of each line spells out article source word. Your love poem can be fictional or non-fictional. It can be humorous or a serious love poem. Feb 14th Poetry Writing For this contest you are to write a short poem.

It should only have three lines. But the structure is that of a Haiku. The first line has 5 syllables. The second line has 7 syllables. The third line has 5 syllables again. Cash prize for the winning entry. Feb 15th Rhyming Poem Write a poem of any type that has a rhyme. We've included examples of this type of poetry storytelling in the announcement. Feb 22nd Word Flash Fiction Write a story on any topic that uses around words. Cash prize to How To Write Epigram winner.

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Haiku is a form of poetry that only uses three lines. Can you paint a mental image using only three lines? Mar 3rd Sonnet Poetry Contest Just like Shakespeare did, discover the rhythm and rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet.

This is a poem with a specific rhyme scheme. Read the announcement for a sample poem and the details. Mar 12th 3 Line Poem Write a poem that has three lines and a syllable count of either or The poem must address a lover. Mar 17th 75 Words Flash Fiction Write a story on any topic that uses 75 words. Mar 18th Non-Fiction Writing Contest We are looking for personal essays, memoirs, and works of literary non-fiction.

It can be spiritual, political, or funny. It can be a humorous or a serious love poem. The choice is yours. Mar 20th Nonet Poetry Contest Write a nine line poem for this How To Write Epigram contest. But you must count syllables. The first line of your poem will have 9 syllables. The second line has 8 syllables and the 7th line has seven. This continues until your final line which has one syllable. This contest has a cash prize. Mar 23rd Acrostic Poetry Contest Write an acrostic poem.

An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each click spells out a word. View an example in the announcement. Mar 30th Wedding This is a topic based contest.

Write a story based on the topic provided in the the announcement. Mar 31st Soulbound This is a topic based contest. Mar 31st Dribble Flash Fiction Write a story on any topic that uses around 50 words. Apr 4th Short Poem For this contest you are to write a short poem.

The poem should have exactly 20 syllables. You How To Write Epigram structure it anyway you choose and choose the word count. But the total syllable count for the completed poem must have exactly 20 syllables total.

Apr 8th Romance Writing Contest Write a story the brings two people together, two people who don't necessarily realize that they belong together but the audience is rooting for them. Apr 13th Loop Poetry Contest A fun poetry type that requires you to use the last word of each sentence as the starting word of the next sentence. ABC poetry has five lines and often is used to express feelings.

Most advanced learners, I think, have a love-hate relationship with chengyu (成语), those pesky, mostly four-character idioms taken from classical China. Sure, you. People is a design and development studio based in Ljubljana and Berlin. We transform business objectives into design solutions. Our partners range from established. Best poems and quotes from famous poets. Read romantic love poems, love quotes, classic poems and best poems. All famous quotes. Writing Contests Flash Fiction - A Secret Write a flash fiction story where a character has a secret that somehow influences the story. The secret does not have to be.

Apr 20th Cinquain Poetry Write an "Cinquain" poem for this contest. A cinquain poem is a poem that follows a specific format. Read the announcement for a sample poem. Apr 25th Poetry Contest For this contest you are to write a short poem.

How To Write Epigram 28th justice league harry potter crossov This is a topic based contest. Apr 30th Twelve days of christmas This is a topic based contest.

Apr 30th Narnia This is a topic based contest. Apr 30th Dating romance This is a topic based contest. Apr 30th One Line Read more Write a monostich poem which is a poem that is only one line. May 3rd Words Flash Fiction Write a story on any topic that uses words. May 5th Poetry Write a syllable poem. It has three lines. The first line has 2 syllables, the second line has 4 syllables and the last line 2 syllables.

The subject can be How To Write Epigram. I had my chance.

May 11th Poetry Contest For this contest you are to write a short poem. May 15th Minute Write a Minute poem for this contest. A fun poem to write. It follows go here "8,4,4,4" syllable count structure. May 20th Share Your Story A memoir gives us the ability to write about our life. But you can write about life with the option to create and fabricate and to make sense of a life, or part of that life.

Write a piece of your life! May 25th Four Line Poem Write a four line poem that has a specific syllable count. The first line has 1 syllable, the second line has 5 syllables, the third line has 5 syllables, and the last line 9 syllables. May 28th Horror Story Writing Contest Put your readers on edge or terrorize them for this horror writing contest. This is a method of writing poetry that does follow any structure or style.

See an example and details in the announcement.