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Pony Buddies free on-lineTheir wishes must be respected.

Unequivocally, Leave means leaving the Single Market, leaving the customs union and UK courts no longer being subservient to the European Court of Justice. Our campaign has been set up to make sure Leave really does mean Leave.

Before the referendum, it was very clear what Leave meant. And it is very clear what Leave means today. We look forward to the UK regaining democratic control over our borders, laws and our money. We urge those who supported Remain not to seek to delay, obstruct or dilute the Brexit process — but to accept the verdict of the British people and embrace the huge opportunities on the horizon for a free and independent United Kingdom. I write this open letter as a businessman […] More. Aside from the sad, incompetent […] More.

The purpose of the CBI is […] More. Meanwhile French President […] More. Brexit allows How To Write Abudget Proposal to stop the evil trade of live animal exports. Leaving the EU means taking back control!

Prime Minister Theresa May and her here opponent […] More. How is our national interest served by MPs sucking up to Michel Barnier? Michel Barnier knows he is winning the Brexit negotiations.

While the mood in Brussels seemed glum, the town felt like an old glove having been a regular visitor over […] More. With or without EU! Leave Means Leave highlighted a series of forecasts by […] More. The World Bank claimed that […] More. In an intervention that triggered outrage from Brexit supporters, the former Labour prime […] More.

More than a year […] More. Leavers have every reason to be optimistic about the year ahead John Longworth is Co Chairman of Leave means Leave, an entrepreneur and was formerly Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce.

In the run up to Christmas, we learned that the CBI was reporting manufacturing order books at a year high […] More. How To Write Abudget Proposal must get ready to turn our backs on Brussels: Brexit means taking back control of our laws, money and borders. Writing exclusively […] More. Europhiles warn […] More. Britain defies dire warnings about Brexit to come TOP in Forbes ranking of best countries to do business The UK has topped Forbes ranking of the best countries in which to do business Britain moved up from fifth to first and was praised for workers and technology Study pointed to host of big firms committing […] More.

Watch Kate Hoey MP stand up for the Since the […] More.

New CFC Regulations. Welcome to the official source for information about the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) The mission of the . million people voted for the UK to leave the European Union – the largest democratic mandate in the history of British politics. Their wishes must be respected.

Leave Means Leave, which is backed by more than 50 Tory […] More. Open letter from Leave Means How To Write Abudget Proposal to the Cabinet: Will the PM show real mettle and steel in rejecting here hostile negotiating terms from the EU?

If we have significant UK experts — why would the EU want to exclude us from making our points on regulation? Will the PM allocate money to spend on upgrading our customs infrastructure to ensure smooth international trade post Brexit and to reassure businesses, asks David Jones MP More.

Sir William Cash MP: But I predict […] More. This latest capitulation by Theresa May has […] More. The Leave Means Leave co-chair claimed the compromises on the Irish border and the transition period […] More.

We cannot allow for free trade negotiations to continue into the transition period, it would give no incentive for the EU to ever agree a free trade deal More.

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Watch John Mills explain to Anna Soubry why those who have accepted the referendum result, do not want to stay in the single market. WTO rules would give us the freedom of making our own trade arrangements around the world, where 90 per cent of future growth will take place.

Most of the world operates on WTO […] More.

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Get on with it: The Prime Minister must be prepared to […] More. They have signed a letter calling on the Prime Minister to lay down red […] More. Theresa May must lay down immutable red lines to Brussels and stick to them Written by John Longworth Not since the Hawaiian islands volunteered to cede their independence and become a vassal of the USA in order to avoid worse, has their been an example of a sovereign nation willingly becoming a subservient entity of […] More.

Deal or No Deal Conference More. The WTO option could How To Write Abudget Proposal be better value than a costly negotiated Brexit Written by John Longworth From the very beginning of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, the UK Government has placed a millstone around its neck by adopting a flawed measure of success. This has been a monumental mistake. The definition adopted has […] More. No trade deal would cost EU twice as many jobs as Britain: Northern Ireland has had no government […] More.

For decades, consecutive governments were unable to control our borders and reduce overall levels of net migration. They had been hampered in doing […] More.

The proposals by Leave Means Leave, which would cut net migration to mids levels by training unemployed Britons, are being considered by the […] More. In a Budget day surprise, the Chancellor earmarked the cash for spending on […] More. Not with fiscal Philip in Charge! While the […] More. Cheap foreign labour has ruined our productivity. At a meeting in Downing Street on Monday, representatives from groups including the CBI and BusinessEurope pressed for a transitional deal that preserves the status quo after Brexit.

The CBI chief, […] More. Brussels chiefs have warned that if the UK refuses to meet the […] More. With talks set to resume today, the EU plans […] More. With friends like Mark Carney, who needs enemies? By John Longworth There is no doubt that How To Write Abudget Proposal money and indebtedness is a global disease and an existential threat to the continued growth and prosperity of the global economy.

With indebtedness now thought to be please click for source at more than three times global GDP, this appears to […] More. Suella Fernandes MP raises the fact that taking back control of our waters offers fishermen huge opportunities, after EU regulations have eroded their freedoms More. Our supporter John Redwood MP: We should be getting on with this now!

More than 19, applications have been made in the first six months of this year alone. The figure is already significantly higher than the […] More. Jacob Rees-Mogg explains why Brexit gives us the opportunity to help the worst off in society — a real benefit of Brexit More. The City of London will still remain the greatest financial centre in the world More.

Would the Prime Minister agree with what the newspapers are saying that no progress is being made? Sir William Cash MP asks, will the Prime Minister accept that a implementation period presents a potential bear trap if there is a direct involvement of the European Court?

A letter source More. The call comes from a group of pro-Brexit Tory and Labour politicians, including former Chancellor Lord Lawson, as well as business leaders.

The prime minister is […] More. PM told to declare no deal if Brussels refuses green light Theresa May has been told to walk away from Brexit negotiations and unilaterally declare a no deal if Brussels blocks trade talks this week.

Owen Paterson, a senior Tory Brexiteer, played down suggestions that such a move would entail price hikes and customs […] More. Moving to WTO rules in will provide absolute certainty to business, it will enable us to crystallise the benefit of Brexit and it How To Write Abudget Proposal give Theresa May more leverage in her negotiations with the EU More.

The Leave Means Leave co-chair demanded that businesses need certainty and they will not have […] More. When will you have to inform the EU that your patience is not infinite? A resolution was approved by MEPs last week to stall Brexit trade talks because there had not […] More. But Christopher Nieper, managing How To Write Abudget Proposal More. Prime Minister slaps down Chancellor: This certainly should be the mantra of Click to see more. Disruptive as it might be, Brexit should be the reset button for an enterprise economy, a bright new future of growth and entrepreneurialism, […] More.

Clearly not, based on progress to date […] More. Ministers and Tory MPs were supportive for obvious party reasons. Mrs May also suggested a transition period of about two years during which trade should continue on current terms.

The CBI and […] More. Is the Bank of England participating in another round of Project Fear? Written by John Longworth Debt is a major potential problem for the global economy. With global debt running at a of global GDP, economic instability is always just around the corner. The public deficit in the UK has been cut over recent […] More.

There were a total of 3, more jobs at financial […] More.