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cards areForeword to the 2nd Edition.

It has been a long time getting here. I mean the long time it has taken me to reach this point, the writing of the foreword. Forewords are written last, so that you can summarize your feelings and experiences about the book you have written. It's not accurate to say this is a book that I alone have written. First off, there are a lot of other names listed in the credits.

How To Write A Tsr, especially the editors, contributed time and talents that I don't have. Improving the organization and readability was one of the reasons we started this project in the first place. These are tasks that can't be done without talented editors who play and care about the game.

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If you discover that it's easier to find rules during your gaming sessions and that everything seems to make more sense, thank the editors. Even with the editors, this is not our work alone. None of this would ever have come into being without interested and involved players. These were the people who decided what needed to be done, what needed fixing, what was unclear, and what they just didn't like. I didn't click here in a vacuum and make these decisions.

As the designer and developer, I had to make the final choice, but those choices were based on your input. And your input is the most valuable asset we have going. So how do I feel? Excited, exhausted, relieved, and nervous -- all at once.

It's a great bag of emotions. I'm excited to see this book come out. I've spent more time on this than I have on any other single work I've done. That leads to exhaustion. Now that it is finally coming out, the feeling of relief is beginning to set in. There were times when the task looked impossible, when it How To Write A Tsr it would never end, or when everything was going wrong. Only now, when it's in the final stages read article polishing, am I beginning to realize that it is really done.

And of course there is the nervousness. I liked and still like it. None of this comes as any surprise. I volunteered to prepare this Edition because I wanted to do something for the game I liked. The ten years of experience I've had in game design has shown me what works and what doesn't and sometimes even why. At the very start, we outlined the goals: Of them all, the last was the hardest and most How To Write A Tsr, conflicting as it did with my basic desire to design things.

Fortunately, things didn't rest on me alone. Lots of eager eyes, from those of fellow designers to those of enthusiastic playtesters, minutely examined this book and restrained me from overzealousness. It hasn't always been easy to walk the fine line between "not enough" and "too much. In the past two years, I've talked to interested players many times, hearing their concerns and sharing my ideas.

It was at the end of one of these talks at a convention in Missoula, Montanajust as I described some rules change, that one of the listeners smiled and said, "You know, we've been doing that for years. Steve Winter and Jon Pickens. Their efforts were invaluable in improving the manuscript. This book is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.

Any reproduction or other unauthorized use of the material or artwork contained herein is prohibited without the express written permission of TSR, Inc. Random House and its affiliate companies have worldwide distribution rights in the book trade for English language products of TSR, Inc. Distributed to the toy and hobby trade by regional distributors. Yes, there are some small and subtle changes in the rules, but you would have to read the whole book very carefully, and have a tremendous memory, to find them.

The changes are the sorts of minor corrections and clarifications we learn more here every time we reprint, and we've reprinted both the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master Guide more than 10 times since !

So what has changed? Obviously, the books look different. We were awfully proud of them when they were released inbut the world doesn't stand still for anyone. We decided that after six years, it was time for a new look. Both books are a lot bigger: And we used them up just looking good. How To Write A Tsr

Inside you'll find bigger illustrations, lots more color, and pages that are go here to read. Making the switch turned out to be a lot more work How To Write A Tsr most of us expected it to be, but it was well worth the effort. We've traveled to a multitude of fabulous worlds, from the misty horror of Ravenloft, to the exotic bazaars of Al Qadim, and across the burning face of Dark Sun.

Now the endless horizons of Planescape beckon to us, and beyond even that we see spearpoints and banners waving above the gathering armies of Birthright.

And, of course, presiding over it all is the grand and legendary Forgotten Realms. Products change, but our goal stays the same: Player Character Ability Scores.

Class Restrictions and Level Limits.

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Spells Allowed Spheres of Influence. Multi-Class Benefits and Restrictions. Dual-Class Benefits and Restrictions. Getting Into and Out of Armor. Creatures with Natural Armor Classes. Basic Encumbrance Tournament How To Write A Tsr. Specific Encumbrance Optional Rule. Encumbrance and Mounts Tournament Rule. Armor Modifiers Optional Rule. Individual Initiative Optional Rule. Weapon Speed and Initiative Optional Rule. Ability Modifiers in Missile Combat.

Herbalism and Healing Proficiencies. Jogging and Running Optional Rule. Compiled Character Generation Tables. These first few pages will introduce you to the second edition of the most successful role-playing game ever published. If you are a novice role-player, stop right here and read the section labeled The Real Basics on the next page. If you are an experienced role-player, skip The Real Basics. How the Rule Books are Organized. They are designed so any specific rule can be found quickly and easily during a game.

Everything a player needs to know is in the Player's Handbook.

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That's not to say that all the rules are in this book. But every rule that a player needs to know in order to play the game is in this book. These either cover situations that very seldom arise or give the Dungeon Master DM information that players should not have beforehand.

Some DMs don't mind if players read this information, but the game is more fun if players don't know everything about their foes -- it heightens the sense of discovery and danger of the unknown. We advise you to read the entire Player's Handbook, but the biggest changes are in these chapters: Character Classes, Combat, and Experience.

Be sure to read at least those three chapters before sitting down to play. If you come to a term you do not understand, look for it in the Glossary. They can get you immediately into the game and explain things as you need continue reading know them.

You don't need to read anything beforehand. In fact, it's best if you can play the game for several hours with experienced players before reading any of the rules.

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One of the amazing things about a role-playing game is that the concept is difficult to explain, but marvelously simple to demonstrate.

If none of your friends are involved in a game, How To Write A Tsr best place to find experienced players is through your local hobby store. Role-playing and general gaming clubs are common and are always eager to accept new members.

Many hobby stores offer a bulletin board through which DMs can advertise for new players and new players can ask for information about new or ongoing games. If there is no hobby store in your area, check at the local library or school. Read the Player's Handbook and create some characters. Try to create a variety of character classes. Then pick up a pre-packaged adventure module for low-level characters, round up two or three friends, and dive into it.