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youThis will help determine what kind of length readers expect in popular novels, and also will give me a word count goal for writing the scenes and assignments.

This averages to about 98, words per novel.

However, I understand that the length of Twilight is unusually long for a debut novel. If the word count of Twilight is disregarded, the average becomes around 88, This averages to about 22 to 23 chapters per novel, with the average chapter length around 4, words.

5 Things to Avoid When Writing a YA Novel

Armed with these word counts, I now have a range of lengths that have been proven popular. Divide the project into 21 chapters. Use about words per chapter. Shoot for a total word count of 90, words, which still leaves plenty of room for cutting down and editing.

I barely have to utter the words "The Fault in Our Stars" to remind you of how well YA novels can be translated to the big screen. There are. Amazon Best Books of the Month for Kids, February Wonder is a rare gem of a novel--beautifully written and populated by characters who linger in your memory and. EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros and MGM have teamed to acquire The Sun Is Also A Star, the YA bestselling novel by Nicola Yoon. Tracy Oliver has been set to write the script. How can you find and write convincingly about ideas that teenagers will enjoy? Find out from award-winning YA novelist K.L. Going how to succeed at writing for this.

Head over to the master outline to see these word counts in play. I help people write better stories using research instead of luck.

John Green, author of bestselling novels-turned-movies The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, is a superstar. Teens love him. Adults love him. Taylor Swift loves him. As the film adaptation of Insurgent prepares for box office domination, Kat Brown has the key ingredients to writing the next dystopian bestseller. Alice Kuipers is the author of the debut novel Life on the Refrigerator Door, an award-winning Young Adult/Adult crossover published to rave reviews in 32 countries. Nic Stone's poignant and timely Dear Martin hit the ground running on Amazon this past week, trending #1 in the YA literature category. A bestseller is, usually, a book that is included on a list of top-selling or frequently-borrowed titles, normally based on publishing industry and book trade figures.

I'm a writer, joyous outliner, and compulsive doodler. This is a brilliant guide! Comparing the three books is so useful for setting my own chapter lengths.

Adapta tu referencia tu […]. But really do not mess with your […]. Twilight is aboutwords total.

The Hunger Games is about 99, words total. Lover of patterns and their creative application. This is my research.

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The Hunger Games has 27 untitled chapters, and about words per chapter. Also, the chapters are evenly divided into 3 titled parts. Love research and analysis? Join my newsletter and never miss a thing! Comments Very cool break down. And here I was just looking for total word counts.

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