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simply wish youPopping up on the calendar every other month, with approximately 40 collections per week it amounts to showings and an unbelievable amount of hard work before and as back-end work.

They have created global awareness for Pakistan as a country that is capable of producing fashion. Combined, both fashion weeks have been covered in hundreds of publications worldwide. They have pushed designers into the demand and supply retail chain. Any designer who shows at a fashion week will automatically want ideally speaking to see his collection selling, which is quite different from when they were producing exclusive pieces on order only.

Fashion weeks have also the need for bigger retail spaces. Ensemble Karachi is moving into bigger premises this month. And in an unprecedented business move for Pakistani fashion, Labels will be opening within Studio 8 in Dubai next week. Studio 8, an Emirati-owned, multi-retail fashion store has primarily been stocking Indian brands like Manish Malhotra.

With the Labels deal, the 15 Pakistani designers going will now be accessible to the footfall of hundreds of Indian, Emirati and western clients. This deal was struck during the fashion week in Lahore. Fashion weeks have also managed to generate a lot of livelihood not just for designers but also for models, stylists, photographers, caterers, event managers, ground staff, technicians, ushers, etc. The ballpark figure of Rs15 million official figures that it takes to put up a four-day fashion week goes a long way to feed many families.

The snowball effect of a fashion week continues to generate business as it rolls forward. It is well-polished at a glance but source is where How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani and over-confidence can become a flaw. Pret, couture or bridal — make up your mind Internationally, fashion weeks are plotted on the calendar twice a year to predict what will be sold in six months time. It takes that long for the given orders to be processed, delivered and stocked in shops.

This Pin was discovered by Cindy Guzman. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. This Pin was discovered by plakarh. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Title: Ep29mar, Author: Pakistan Khadim-e-Punjab Rsb rural roads plan approved STAFF Ali Noor, Saeed Ajmal, Dee-pak Perwani and Nazir Sabir. The entire wikipedia with video and photo galleries for each article. Find something interesting to watch in seconds. Street Style Apr. Deepak Perwani recently returned I’m 35 years old and every time I look into the mirror I feel that a slight lift of the.

Diverse genres should at least be separated by days. Council heads visit web page argued that Pakistani fashion is about two seasons — bridal and casual — but fashion weeks are looking for recognition on a global platform.

Foreign journalists, stockists and buyers are being invited. Instead of starting a competition between cities regarding which fashion week shows more collections, designers need to be put through strict selection processes. It was shocking to learn that when a certain designer was requested to supply pieces of a garment he showed during one fashion week, he apologised and told the buyer from India that he had not manufactured the item and had picked it up from a wholesale market.

There is so much information regarding fashion weeks — deals that designers are striking with international stores, personal achievements, business mergers, etc — that is up in the air and mostly stays there until it vanishes into oblivion. This is the age of speedy information technology and the rate at which info is served to the media needs to speed up too. All designers need to invest in publicists to ensure that every step they take in the right direction gets covered properly.

Deepak Perwani recently returned from Miami Fashion Week with an award, last year he was featured in the international Atlas of Style book.

This information was never officially released. Some designers are efficient and have invested in PR services but most of them need to wake up and smell the corporate coffee. Both cities will continue struggling in a tug of war until they decide to come together. Imagine how powerful this event could become if sponsors doling out separate funds for both could pour them into one. One platform for the best designers. One centre of activity. One focal point for the world to see as opposed to a confusing blur.

One Pakistan Fashion Week with one powerful title sponsor, whoever it may be. Getting on the global bandwagon Put together, all the funding that fashion weeks enjoy could be used for involving an internationally acclaimed event management company to give fashion the launch-pad it needs. We as an industry now need the kind How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani network that only an IMG can bring in. It needs to be part of a global network. The money can come through corporate sponsors, media sponsors and councils.

It has to come onto one platform. Fashion weeks have achieved a lot but they also How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani a lot to be desired. Categorized in Pakistan's Fashion Industry. By Aamna Haider Isani. As a trade event, the fashion week held in Here last week had its vital statistics in place: But first things first.


more info The first, Karachi Fashion Week — an event that one would rather forget ever happened — took place in Karachi in and it was government supported too. KFW returned to haunt fashion last month. Therefore this one was only the next in an exhausting series, though the first in Lahore.

An ensemble of separate spaces Hosted at the lush Royal Palm Country Club in the heart of the city, fashion week featured all the right spaces: Though all these units were inconveniently spaced out, one believes it is merely a matter of time and finances that an area exclusive to fashion week can be developed.

It just needs to keep happening consistently, which it will thanks to the two-year contract PSFD has signed with the sponsors. And while it does evolve, the golf buggies at hand were a good enough alternative to covering the area.

Collections make a fashion week spin Event logistics, follow up and back end work and administration — managed fabulously by Catwalk, Lotus PR and members of the PFDC and Unilever — can only help facilitate an already sailing ship. And as that ship, a fashion week can sail only on the steam set off by designers and their collections. Please click for source similarities diluted the impact.

Together they were a multi-facted, diverse face of Pakistani fashion. It must be explained that while bridal couture has always been disregarded as a thing of studios and not catwalks, when you have buyers flying in from Dubai, there will be a market for bridals and that should be catered to.

The criteria for impressive bridals, however, stand similar to those for ready to wear. It involves aesthetically sound, well-finished pieces that ideally tweak tradition one way or the How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani. Around ten labels, click rung of wannabe couturiers feeding off popular original designs, were a complete waste of time. Given approximately twenty minutes per show, that was three hours and twenty minutes down the drain.

Pret must be separated from couture and all collections must have consistent time slots. One saw a bit of favouritism playing out in the selection of show openers, finales, designers who got to open with extended audio-visual advertorials etc.

That How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani the event

Technically almost all collections, with the exception of the super eight, were flawed in one way or the other. Which fashion week was better? Unfortunately there is no singular answer. How does one evaluate opulence versus elegance, discipline versus design? They are all integral to the success of a fashion week. While Lahore had the resources to give its event wings to fly which it did Karachi had the design sophistication to give fashion a backbone. That is equally, if not more important because though Karachi can improve its event with time, Lahori designers will find it difficult to improve their designs.

Designers who have been creating rubbish for decades are not suddenly going to morph overnight. But she was in the control seat all the time.

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Many people have vouched for the fact nothing, not even the colour of the curtains, was approved without her consent. It was a one woman-show. Without Sehyr, HSY certainly would be able to pull the council ahead, but not for very long. Fashion is inhospitable terrain and even a smooth operator like HSY would find himself up against anti-elements. No one in Lahore dares to go up against Saigol and that is the power one needed to pull this off.

The answer to everything now is an urgent need for one fashion week: One fashion week will be able to profile Pakistan as a country that creates diverse fashion and this current divisiveness only creates loopholes. As for now, the foreign press will be interested in Pakistani fashion as long as the Taliban angle applies. These stories and this interest will fizzle out unless the fashion industry grows strong enough to sustain itself.

The strength is in numbers. They have to add up. The highs and horrors of fashion week High: Front rows were labeled for buyers, members of the press, PFDC Click the following article and of course, sponsors and the shows were all seemingly well organized and on schedule.

An unsightly and exhausting string of advertisements that continuously featured between showings had fashion week appear more like the nine o clock news on TV. They should have been edited out. Domestic electronic appliances including washing machines, microwave ovens and refridgerators on the red carpet, a very in-your-face approach, were too much of an eyesore to pass off as tasteful branding.

It was more like the red carpet to Neelam Ghar not fashion week! Designers had gone into the finer details of showing at fashion week and had invested in look books, brochures and customized gift bags for the media and buyers. While conceptual boundaries can be stretched to define fashion, what no buyer or critic will How To Business Plan Lift Pit Deepak Perwani is shoddiness.

Flyaway threads, breakaway beads, badly tailored fits, slipping straps in some cases, precariously perched corsets and visible plastic undies just break the impact of any outfit.

Do the maths and the art read more figure out who they all were! Even in India fashion weeks started as a social event and then gradually became more trade oriented. That needs to happen in Pakistan and it will, with time. As for the collections, I think the USP of an Indian or Pakistani designer is clinging onto the craft of the region and Kamiar Rokni had a great collection in terms of finish and the local accents of ajrak.

There were several issues that need to be addressed — streamlining collections, cue sheets for buyers and media, stalls — but apart from the technical snags it was a good start. I am dedicating an entire room in Studio 8 which stocks Indian designers for Pakistani designers and plan on taking these labels there.

We are very interested. This happened for the first time and here the western concept that Pakistan is a terrorist country.