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opposite thingHouse Principal Clerk Reports.

The House Principal Clerk is responsible for the administrative duties of the House and maintains many useful reports. View the current reports.

Past Calendars Receive Calendars via E-mail. There will be a limited number of intern positions available for the Legislative Short Session. If you would like to apply to the House Legislative Intern Program, please submit an application along with your resume and cover letter to julie. Short Session begins on Wednesday, May 16th and the interns can start working on or around Monday, May 7th.

North Carolina House of Representatives, North Carolina General Assembly Raleigh, North Carolina CAO employees work in an exciting, fast-paced, and demanding environment – one that offers the chance to apply skills, knowledge, and experience in challenging. House of Representatives Employment Application. This Application for Employment with the Illinois House of Representatives has been created in Word Website for the Texas House of Representatives. Provides information on legislation, committees, Texas house, and session. Lobbying Disclosure Act Guidance Effective January 1, Reviewed January 31, /Last Revised January 31, 1 Section 1 – Introduction.

You are responsible for your own housing during the internship. Yvonne Lewis Holley Rep. Donna McDowell White Rep. Linda Hunt Williams Rep.

Senate, House push for Bangsamoro, federalism as session resumes

Danny Earl Britt, Jr. Terry Van Duyn Sen. Tim Moore Speaker of the House.

The House of Representatives consists of members who serve a term of two years. The presiding officer of the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House. The Speaker is elected by the members from their membership for a two-year term.

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The Speaker's duties include maintaining order in the House and appointing members to the House standing committees. House Committees View committee assignments. House Journals View House Journals - present. House Rules View the House Rules.

House Photos View House Photos. House Seating Chart View House seating chart with pictures. House Internship Program There will be a limited number of intern positions available for the Legislative Short Session.