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youlink width="220">Once upon a time, a child was born into wealth and wanted for nothing, but he was possessed by bottomless, endless, grating, grasping wanting, and wanted more, and got it, and more after that, and always more.

He was a pair of ragged orange claws upon the ocean floor, forever scuttling, pinching, reaching for more, a carrion crab, a lobster and a boiling lobster pot in one, a termite, a tyrant over his own little empires.

So for seven decades, he fed his appetites and exercised his license to lie, cheat, steal, and stiff working people of their wages, made messes, left them behind, grabbed more baubles, and left them Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump ruin. He was supposed to be a great maker of things, but he was mostly a breaker.

He acquired buildings and women and enterprises and treated them all alike, promoting and deserting them, running into bankruptcies and divorces, treading on lawsuits the way a lumberjack of old walked across the logs floating on their way to the mill, but as long as he moved in his underworld of dealmakers the rules were wobbly and the enforcement was wobblier and he could stay afloat. But his appetite was endless, and he wanted more, and he gambled to become the most powerful man in the world, and won, careless of what he wished for.

The fisherman asks him for nothing, though later he tells his wife of his chance encounter with the magical creature. The old man comes and grovels before the fish, caught between the shame of the requests and the appetite of his wife, and she becomes tsarina and has her boyards and nobles drive the husband from her palace. You could call the husband consciousness—the awareness of others and of oneself in relation to others—and the wife craving. Finally she wishes to be supreme over the seas and over the fish itself, endlessly uttering wishes, and the old man goes back to the sea to tell the fish—to complain to the fish—of this latest round of wishes.

Overreach is perilous, says this Russian tale; enough is enough. And too much is nothing. The child who became the most powerful man in the world, or at least occupied more info real estate occupied by a series of those men, had run a family business and then starred in an unreality show based on the fiction that he was a stately emperor of enterprise, rather than a buffoon barging along anyhow, and each was a hall of mirrors made to flatter his sense of self, the self that was his one edifice he kept raising higher and higher and Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump abandoned.

I have often run across men and rarely, but not never, women who have become so powerful in their lives that there is no one to tell them when they are cruel, wrong, foolish, absurd, repugnant. It is as if these petty tyrants live in a world without honest mirrors, without others, without gravity, and they are buffered from the consequences of their failures. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of the rich couple at the heart of The Great Gatsby. We keep each other honest, we keep each other good with our feedback, our intolerance of meanness and falsehood, our demands that the people we are with listen, respect, respond—if we are allowed to, if we are free and valued ourselves.

This year Hannah Arendt is alarmingly relevant, and her books are selling well, particularly On the Origins of Totalitarianism. Some use their power to silence that and live in the void of their own increasingly deteriorating, off-course sense of self and meaning.

The tyrant of a family, the tyrant of a little business or a huge enterprise, the tyrant of a nation.

Power corrupts, and absolute power often corrupts the awareness of those who possess it. The rich kids I met in college were flailing as though they wanted to find walls around them, leapt as though they wanted there to be gravity and Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump hit ground, even bottom, but parents and privilege kept throwing out safety nets and buffers, kept padding the walls and picking up the pieces, so that all their acts were meaningless, literally inconsequential.

They floated like astronauts in outer space. Equality keeps us honest. Our peers tell us who we are and how we are doing, providing Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump service in personal life that a free press does in a functioning society.

Inequality creates liars and delusion. This is about a need for which we hardly have language or at least not a familiar conversation. A man who wished to become the most powerful man in the world, and by happenstance and intervention and a series of disasters was granted his wish.

Surely he must have imagined that more power meant more flattery, a grander image, a greater hall of mirrors reflecting back his magnificence. But he misunderstood power and prominence. This man had bullied friends and acquaintances, wives and servants, and he bullied facts and truths, insistent that he was more than they were, than it is, that it too must yield to his will.

It did not, but the people he bullied pretended that it did. Or perhaps it was that he was a salesman, throwing out one pitch after another, abandoning each one as soon as it left his mouth. A hungry ghost always wants the next thing, not the last thing.

This one imagined that the power would repose within him and make him great, a Midas touch that would turn all to gold. But the power of the presidency was what it had always been: A man who gives an order that is not followed has his powerlessness hung out like dirty laundry. There are tyrants who might utter such a statement and strike fear into those beneath him, because they have installed enough fear.

A true tyrant does not depend on cooperative power but has a true power of command, enforced by thugs, goons, Stasi, the SS, or death squads. A true tyrant has subordinated the system of government and made it loyal to himself rather than to the system of source or the ideals of the country. His minion announced the president would not be Dissertation In Business, and we laughed.

He called in, like courtiers, the heads of the FBI, of the NSA, and the director of national intelligence to tell them to suppress evidence, to stop investigations and found that their loyalty was not to him. He found out to his chagrin that we were still something of a democracy, and that the Europe Essay About Women In press could not be so easily stopped, and the public Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump refused to be cowed and mocks him earnestly at every turn.

He corrupts elections in his country, eliminates his enemies with bullets, poisons, with mysterious deaths made to look like accidents—he spread fear and bullied the truth successfully, strategically.

Though he too had overreached with his intrusions into the American election, and what he had hoped would be invisible caused the whole world to scrutinize him and his actions and history and impact with concern and even fury. Russia may have ruined whatever standing and trust it has, may have exposed itself, with this intervention in the US and then European elections. He is, as of this writing, the most mocked man in the world. The wife sitting in front of her hovel was poorer after her series of wishes, because she now owned not only her poverty but her mistakes and her destructive pride, because she might have been otherwise, but brought power and glory crashing down upon her, because she had made her bed badly and was lying in it.

The man in the white house sits, naked and obscene, a pustule of ego, in the harsh light, a man whose grasp exceeded his understanding, because his understanding was dulled by indulgence. He must know somewhere below the surface he skates on that he has destroyed his image, and like Dorian Gray before him, will be devoured by his own corrosion in due time too.

One way or another this will kill just click for source, though he may drag down millions with him. One way or another, he knows he has stepped go here a cliff, pronounced himself king of the air, and is in freefall. Another dungheap awaits his landing; the dung is all his; when he plunges into it he will be, at last, a self-made man.

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I loved the Prufrock reference. Thank you for all of your sharp, muscular writing- it is so beautiful even as it feeds. Self-absorbed and ignorant of what matters to the check this out of the world? Putin is the richest, and since he has the man with his finger on the greatest military….

Shameless and tragic, indeed. When applied to the mind, one gets egomania and madness. We must have the input of Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump to stay sane.

Brouwer, Cantor, Boole, and of course Hofstadter do not agree. Perhaps, Binky, math itself is as terribly misread as economics. Escher, Bach in over 35 years, and I only read one other book of his the one he wrote with Daniel Dennett.

I did meet him when I was in high school, and I know somebody who studied with him, if you want me to check. You are correct that referential recursion is what leads a system to be complex enough that we can conclude it is incomplete. But that says nothing about madness or mental illness or the inevitable problems of the brain.

A Few for Tuesday! I could not stop reading and wish there was more of it. This applies pre and post downfall. I am saving for sharing at a later time. S has rallied the troops.

Anyone who can see meaning or beauty in this silly piece of illiteracy does not read and cannot think. Trump is America, and has been for years now.

His style shocks us, but is he really much different than our recent presidents when examined for substance? So are you accepting the enormous loss of poor and disabled life that will inevitably result if even half this evil is allowed to come to pass? No, but perhaps there is some kind of divine justice in it.

Experts: Donald Trump Is A Genius At Rhetoric

Maybe the suffering that will happen to Americans is our karma for all the evil the US has done to people in other countries. Poor Americans who are less educated and healthy and more likely to enter the military to get help with their educations and health care are not to blame here.

I do not take responsibility for what my link does—it is not in my name. My people suffer and are exploited—we do not benefit in any way. I will continue to protest and speak out as long as it is still my First Amendment Right. This is so beautifully-written. Rebecca is a first class writer.

I am struck, though, by the passage where she describes the old woman at Occupy Wall Street. Every group he offended needs to organize and vote as one. Trump won because liberals were stubborn and split the vote.

Well, actually, he won because the the DNC was too here of liberals getting elected and upsetting their corporate applecart. So they screwed Bernie, and cleared the way for the Corporate Choice, and the liberals refused to go along. We are actually on the same page with this.

Displays Help With My Best Persuasive Essay On Donald Trump because the truth

Thank you for such beautiful writing and for providing hope in the darkness…. Poetic and powerful, a glory of brilliant words and insights.

But I suspect not. They just go on, self-absorbed and ruthless and successful because they have no moral restraints and are abetted by the equally ruthless, the willfully-blind, and the power wanna-haves.

The rest of us will just have to hope that our ability to mock will be a comfort to us in the gulag. Laugh while you can. And supporting him is no protection from getting flattened under the bus. I have a job, I pay taxes, I live in a blue state. I do not expect to be screwed by Trump.

I am a healthy so far White person in a deep blue state, am beyond my child bearing years, and have a financial cushion to fall back on.