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unableSticky More infometiculously researched and reported, is the result of hundreds of interviews, not only with famed musicians and actors, but friends, business associates, and employees of Wenner going back decades.

Hagan and I recently talked about these on-the-record insults, as well as his legal agreement with Wenner, getting good material out of celebrities, and the future of Rolling Stone. In the Help Me Write Journalism Biography, you write of Jann Wenner: He never reviewed any of the book. It was part of the dance we had been doing. We had an agreement at the very beginning of this whole thing about how this was going to go down.

It was a long, protracted negotiation that, for me, was all about keeping my independence as a biographer. How did you get to that point?

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You first truly got to know Wenner as neighbors, more or less, in Tivoli, New York. He had an unbelievably beautiful, palatial spread on the river. And I get down there and Annie Leibovitz is there with her kids.

And his sister Kate and her husband. That was the whole party, and us.

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It was like, I just met the guy, and here Help Me Write Journalism Biography am. I remember being in the pool, looking at him. I was fascinated with him.

Like, who is this guy? This lavish display of wealth and taste was just all very impressive. My inner Tom Wolfe was just going whoa. That was a moment for me when I was like, That is really fascinating.

My first thought was he was not a refined, sophisticated guy. Later on, his kids had a giant water balloon fight, and there were these little rubber nubs left over from the balloons, lying all over the place. Jann was going around, meticulously picking up each and every one of these little leftover nubs from the exploded balloons and putting them in read article pocket.

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I became fascinated with Help Me Write Journalism Biography. It was just interesting to see these go here of behaviors from somebody of his status and stature.

But I knew I had to write a book that would make him live on the page. And this is the life he lived. Over the next two summers, he invited me over to his house for lunch a few times. Then he got interested in my writing, and I sent him my profile of Karl Rove and this piece I did on Nina Simonewhich he loved.

Jann forwarded it to Bette Midler and she replied, Oh, I read it and I loved itand then he sent me back her reply. Of course, I liked that. Then he assigned me a couple of Rolling Stone magazine pieces. In the fall ofhe was sort of pressuring me to come to Rolling Stone full-time as a political correspondent. I was reluctant, mainly because I loved New York and I felt a lot of freedom there.

He comes to my house and picks me up in this Porsche and we go driving up to this restaurant in Rhinebeck. During that lunch, he could see that I was hemming and hawing about coming to Rolling Stone. I had asked him about it previously. Oh, are you going to write a memoir?

Because he was always telling me these rock-and-roll stories. MacAdams spent here years on a book, interviewed tons of people and wrote chapters, and the whole thing imploded.

And I knew who Jann Wenner was, just from being in the magazine business. I told him I would not do it as an authorized book. He Help Me Write Journalism Biography that was fine, except he wanted have some control over what I wrote about who he had sex with.

I also worried, I told Jann, about whether he could be frank about negative information. He has a healthy self-confidence. The Uncensored Historywhich has some classic Wenner anecdotes in it.

Sitting in his office, I kept asking, Is this true? So I came away from that meeting a bit disheartened. And so, for the next two or three weekends, we met for coffee and hashed it out.

He was pressuring me. How could you not explore that? I was just confronting him with this stuff. We had this very frank, open conversation. Embed from Getty Images. There were two legal caveats. First, there was the sex. The second caveat was, if he said anything to me on the record, it stayed on the record. So we signed on the dotted line. I had to write a sample chapter.

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Telegrams and postcards and drawings and photographs. It seemed like just random trivia to me. This was all in there in the archive. I went to interview Jann about this. We were sitting by a fireplace, and Matt Nye kept coming in to serve us coffee. It was just sort of a ridiculous tableau. I regret doing that. This is an interesting story.

These kinds of stories could make a great book. I mean, this was great timing. And I have to say: He did like that I lived near him, because he thought that was sort of an element of control for him. He started this whole process with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. There was almost a thread of therapy about it. This is the moment. With the anniversary coming up, he was basically Help Me Write Journalism Biography to plan to check out, to become, like, editor emeritus.

In giving all these people permission to talk, he was shooting the moon. Jann is a person who is not reflective, okay? In some ways, coming to talk to me and going through history was his weekend hobby. He loved hearing from me what people had said about him.

He enjoyed the whole feedback loop. Your sources are so forthcoming. I would Help Me Write Journalism Biography, What did you think about when Rolling Stone first came out and had a name like visit web page band? This is the very beginning of the interview.

Why did he think that was a good name? I thought, Oh, he had something on his mind. After Mick had said his piece about that, you could see he basically lost interest in the interview. He was just, like, That was what I wanted to say. Some of these people had things they had been wanting to say or that they wanted to be known. Paul McCartney, I barely had to ask the guy a question.

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He just went on these big, long tears about his feelings about the Beatles breakup and where Jann Wenner fit into all that. I barely asked him about it and he was just letting it be known. They had strong feelings about how Jann had treated them through the years, to good and bad effect. With Dylan, that was just a weird interview. Basically, he recited these answers to his secretary, and they were to me.

The subject of Jann Wenner is one that nobody ever asks about. Everybody asks them about, Oh, tell me about the Beatles breakup. Tell me about Help Me Write Journalism Biography relationship to John Lennon and how that made you feel when Rolling Stone published that interview and then what was your posture towards Jann after that?

Of course he had a lot to say about that. He went very deep into the Beatles history and I was just kind of gobsmacked by the whole thing.