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Expert writing and coaching services. Got questions about your federal resume? Is my resume long enough? Is it in the correct format? Does my resume meet the requirements? Will I stand out among the crowd? HR Specialists rate our. Expert federal and two-page private sector resumes! And the winner is Much thanks for helping me with the write-ups!

Two years and 72 application and not a peep from a government agency, after working with your company, I received 4 offers. I am currently working for the VA and loving life!

I had interviewed for two other organizations as well.

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It is truly wonderful news. I have been working for several years with the application process and was ready to read -not referred. I sincerely believe that your hard work - writing my resume with grace and patience coupled with my perseverance got me this far.

Thank you for your efforts. Job offer was far superior to the job offer I got in late June. They have me working on a government contract. Thanks so much for everything. Thanx for the help. After reading the book and retooling my resume, I was referred, interviewed and selected for the second job for which I applied!

Liz Shipley, Government Affairs Manager, Intel Corporation

Just wanted to let you know that I got the job as the admin assistant! Your assistance, expertise and timeliness helped me get into the mix and for that I thank you. You guys are awesome. Thank you for all your help; my investment in The Resume Place was well worth the return! Thank you for everything.

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Got a job offer with the Region, Program Analyst position. My wife and I can carpool! Every job I have applied for with your resume I met the cert and I interviewed!!! It feels great to be a permanent federal employee now. I have been invited to interview for the GS Thank you for dialing in my resume and passing the first hurdle.

My first interview request in 5 years! Today marks the start of my 3rd week. I have shifted from a cubicle to an office, Life is good.

Thank you very much for your help!

Got referred to many jobs with the resume Jessica help me with, was just up to me to close the deal. Just got the call this morning! I also have a couple more referrals! If you recall, I was applying for a Pathways position with a very warm lead. I am absolutely beside myself here.

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Thank you a billion times. And it is a promotion to GS at a new agency. Carla, Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and hand holding. Thank you very much! Thanks so much for the help. The interviewers were impressed by the story we practiced.

Yesterday, I was called and asked if I was still interested in the position. You did an excellent job! I am beyond excited. The Right Resume Gets the Job. Why Choose the Resume Place? Our services are backed by over 40 years of experience and excellence. Our federal resume format is recognized and accepted by federal Human Resources. We are the industry leader in federal job search training.

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Again, thank you for all your help. Your company is wonderful and I will never hesitate to tell all the military families so. I am very grateful for your support and encouragement. You keep on asking those questions and seeking the necessary information from your customers to ensure that they get the best resume ever.

I feel as though I received a great product for the money that I spent. After sending in my resume for review and being assigned to Ellen the real work and progress began. Within a few short months the job offers started coming in resulting in several interviews and offers.

You a true gem, and very gifted. Thank You so very much! I just wanted you to know that I applied for a private sector job yesterday and used some of Government Affairs Manager Resume new techniques that you taught me. I targeted my cover letter, elaborated with details, sprinkled with keywords, and was prepared for the follow-up questionnaire.

The questionnaire asked please click for source details, in paragraph form, and I wasn't a deer in the headlights this time.

Anyway, I hit "submit" and an hour and a half later they called to ask me to interview. Even if this doesn't work out, I wanted to thank you. You Government Affairs Manager Resume given me tools that are very valuable. Before your class I was tired and frustrated after these months of floundering - now I have new hope.

Thank you again, you are amazing" Private Sector Position. On behalf of my family, thank you again for the assistance. I want to say without the slightest hesitation what an outstanding job you have done.

There is no question that the work your team has done for me has been integral to my success. However, the task that was put to you this time with a multi-year reorganization plan in front of me was a formidable challenge. You met this challenge and exceeded my expectations with what you have accomplished.

While July 4, is considered Americas New Beginning, it is much more personal to me with my re-branding. With my new resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, I am waiting for my fireworks to begin and I am sure the Finale will be spectacular.

I will keep you posted where I end up. Thanks again for such outstanding work and for making this transition such a positive experience. I appreciated your help with my resume and interview preparation. Client applied for 8 jobs, got 3 interviews and was offered a GS Government Affairs Manager Resume as a Support Services Supervisor. I have been offered and accepted the agency CFO position. Thank you for all your hard work on my resume. It made the difference!

The Government Affairs Manager Resume help you provided in construction of a full set of ECQs was critical to my excelling in step four of the process structured interview.

I specifically want to thank you for sharing your knowledge in my preparation for step five screening by nominating organization, which included a second interview. Those write-ups looked great! I got the word yesterday that OPM approved my package. I applied for at least 12 positions without being referred and I could not understand why.

I was really frustrated! I searched the web and found The Resume Place. I realize click the following article how different the federal application process is from private sector.