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Cedric GrosjeanSuppose you're a hiring manager looking at resumes. Which of the following statements would impress you more?

How To Write A Really Good Resume in 2018 - Sample Resume Template

Clearly, the second statement carries more weight. Because it uses numbers to quantify the writer's accomplishmentgiving it a context that helps the interviewer understand the degree of difficulty involved in the task.

Numbers are powerful resume tools that will help your accomplishments get the attention they deserve from prospective employers.

Quantifying your accomplishments tends to catch people's eyes, including recruiters'. Learn how to use numbers effectively on your resume. Aug 26, · After going through many resumes, Show your accomplishments in numbers, there’s a good chance they’ll put in a word with recruiters. By adding numbers to a resume, The Right Numbers in a Resume. an overall good rule of thumb is to include numbers that help you stand out from the crowd. One way to strengthen the punch with your resume is to use numbers. Numbers stand out on resumes and can be used 4 Ways Numbers Can Make Your Resume Good.

With just a little thought, you can find effective ways to quantify your successes on your resume. Here are a few suggestions:. Organizations are and always will be concerned about money. So as you contemplate your accomplishments and prepare to present them on your resume, think about ways you've saved, earned or managed money in your internships, Good With Numbers Resume jobs and extracurricular activities so far. A few possibilities that might appear on a typical resume:.

You've heard the old saying, "Time is money," and it's true. Companies and organizations are constantly looking for ways to save time and do things more efficiently.

They're also necessarily concerned about meeting deadlines, both internal and external. So whatever you can do on your resume to show that you can save time, make time or manage time will grab your reader's immediate attention. Here are some time-oriented entries that might appear on a typical resume:. It's very easy to neglect mentioning how much or how many of something you've produced or overseen.

There's a tendency instead Good With Numbers Resume simply pluralize your accomplishments -- e. The more you focus on money, time and amounts in relation to your accomplishments, the better you'll present your successes and highlight your potential -- and go here more you'll realize just how much you really have to offer prospective employers.

Add it all up, and you'll see that playing the numbers game is yet another way to convince employers that you should be a part of their equation for success.

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