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system does provideChildren get lessons in sportsmanship from athletes on TV. However, a lot of the time it's not good sportsmanship. Therefore, someone has to teach them what good sportsmanship really is - playing by the rules, respecting your opponents and the officials and putting hard work over winning.

Good sportsmanship should first be taught by parents.

Parker, steve, and essay on sportsmanship and teamwork philip dowell. Explorabook a kids activity guide to careers in music classes. Problems with diaries as a school. Words Essay on Sportsmanship recognition of the need for teamwork and cheerfulness even in the event of defeat are thus words essay on the National. Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Sportsmanship essays and paper topics like Essay. View this student essay about Sportsmanship. They should always show good sportsmanship themselves. SPORTSMANSHIP ESSAY WINNER. When you use good sportsmanship you . Sportsmanship Essay Contest First Prize Winner: Justin Auguste 2/27/1. What Sportsmanship means to me. Sportsmanship means teamwork to me.

If a child is pushed by a parent to win at all cost, chances are that sportsmanship may get lost along the way. Parents should be Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork role models for kids. They should always show good sportsmanship themselves.

Kids learn from what they see. Children should be taught good sportsmanship, starting at a very young age. Being considerate, showing respect and playing fair can be taught Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork in life. If this is done, being a good sport should become natural for them. Also, when these kids get on the playing field or ball court, good sportsmanship should come easier for them.

They can be good examples for others to follow. If parents will take that first step in teaching their kids to always play by the rules - more info talk trash or tease opponents; admit when you make a mistake, don't make excuses or blame others; always try your hardest even if you are getting beat; don't argue with calls by officials; don't show off, and have fun - good sportsmanship can be saved.

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I have always been taught good sportsmanship and the importance it plays in my life and the outcome of the sports I play. That's why I think sportsmanship plays a vital role sports.

Sportsmanship is very important when you play sports and are involved in other activities. When you have sportsmanship, you have better games. You don't get angry when calls don't go your way. Also, you get along better with everyone, including your opponents. When you use good sportsmanship you have a chance at better teamwork and a good attitude. Using sportsmanship helps the team work together as one on and off the courts.

You also gain a better perspective of things, and you feel good for playing fair.

So it's important to have sportsmanship. Good sportsmanship comes from players who are determined to give it percent all the time. You gain sportsmanship by playing fair and controlling your actions. Sportmanship can take you high in life. People who have good sportsmanship have better Essay Narrative 500 Write Word. Sportsmanship can do a lot for your future.

You can be recognized for all sorts of things, such as awards, spots on your team, and maybe if you're lucky, you could even get a scholarship.

So having good sportsmanship Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork help you in the long run. There is also bad sportsmanship. Unfortunately, this route is taken far too often.

It's easier to be a bad sport. Bad sportsmanship is shown when you down another player, hurt someone on purpose or throw a fit because things don't go your way. Bad sportsmanship comes from not having the desire to give it whatever it takes. I think when you have bad sportsmanship you are upset or want to take the easy road. People who have Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork sportsmanship on the courts are going to have bad attitudes off the courts. So bad sportsmanship can ruin things for you now and in the long run.

So next time you hear it's good to show sportsmanship you will understand why. Also remember "Dare to play fair! Also, having good sportsmanship will help you succeed in life. Sportsmanship, by definition, is the qualities or conduct go here a good sportsman, especially insistence on fair play accompanied by the capacity to win or lose gracefully, without arrogance in victory or whining in defeat.

So what's involved in good sportsmanship? Start with a sense of fair play, instead of playing dirty or trying to beat the rules. Show respect for others, rather than putting them down, finding fault, or promoting yourself at their expense. Humility fits into the picture, too.

This comes down to not bragging or getting a big head when you score, not showing off, being big enough to ask for help, admit your mistakes, walk away, or just say I'm sorry. The good sport also can take criticism without taking it personally. Sportsmanship requires that you show grace - for example, forgiving teammates who foul up, and sharing the spotlight when you're the hero. You also have to remember it's not always important to be the hero, you just gotta play and work with your team, not in front Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork them.

It calls for a sense of humor. Instead of taking yourself too seriously, make sure you can take a joke and laugh at yourself. To be a good sport you must compromise and share, rather than having to get your way.

You face many moments of truth on the sportsmanship issue. Like when you lose.

When you don't get your way. When you're under pressure. Even during the daily routines of just doing your job and dealing with others. Good sports grease the Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork of group interaction. They promote togetherness and harmony. Poor sports, on the other hand, put a strain on team relationships. And if people in the group have trouble getting along, the team can't come close to achieving its true potential. Your character, your attitude are constantly on display.

Teammates pay attention to how to handle yourself. Make sure they have no reason to charge you with unsportsmanlike conduct. No selfishness, you win, you win. And you leave it at that. You can celebrate, but don't rub it in. Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork lose, well you just lose, that's all. I don't like people who get mad if somebody fouls 'em, or they get mad when they lose Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork blame it on someone on their team. You have to realize that if you make a mistake, it's your mistake, and you can't pawn it off on someone else.

I like people who play hard and put the team first. You don't ever do it by yourself. People appreciate a good sport. Refs appreciate that extra little effort to hand them the ball instead of just letting it lie where it is. Give the other team a smile while source their hands after the game. Helping them up when they fall, giving a pat on the back and shaking their coach's hand are all appreciated and will probably be returned with the same kindness.

After all, good sportsmanship is contagious. The pivotal sixth-grade soccer match had been aggressive and physical. The competition on the pitch was matched by the heated rhetoric of parents on both sides who seemed to question the referee's every call.

After the game, click losing parent vented his frustration at my son's coach. Instead of answering his critics, the coach turned and walked away. This response upset the parents even more; and in a fit of rage, he threw a donut at the back of the coach's head!

I will never forget what happened next. Instead of turning the challenge into a fight or brawl, the coach picked up the missile, took a bite, and said nonchalantly, "Thanks for the donut. My son's coach had spoken volumes by the simple act of eating a donut. Throughout the fall, he had taught the team to accept the "hard knocks" that are part and parcel of a competitive team sport like soccer. He encouraged his players to be aggressive and accept the "give and take" of physical contact that is characteristic of team sports.

One thing he didn't encourage, however, was a win-at-all-cost attitude of retaliation. In life, as in soccer, the key lesson is how to play hard, yet to follow the rules.

Even if others break the rules in order to win, a person still has no reason to earn a "red card" by retaliating. The instigator of the Olympics, Baron de Coubertin, would have agreed; he stated, "The most Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.

These Essay On Sportsmanship And Teamwork when I observe the too frequent on-field machismo of fighting and brawling in sports, a question recurs in my mind - is it really necessary? When a bench clears in baseball or a basketball player is ejected for a thrown elbow - is that really a sport? Fighting is so acceptable in ice hockey that brawls by the players are treated as a part of game strategy and is roundly cheered by the crowd.

Competitive sports do require physical contact, but not excessive violence that endangers the players and damages their character. My son's coach taught his players more than how to dribble a ball or make a corner kick.

He taught them the joy of friendship and how to work as a team to achieve a mutual goal.

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