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following pointers definitely willAlgirdas Makarevicius Academic hours per week: Oral Exam project presentation: Week 12 Written Exam: Course Description The course focuses on giving presentations, listening to academic lectures, note-taking, participating in group discussions, comprehending academic texts and lectures, summary writing, citing techniques, developing the Internet and library skills, and writing a research project.

Tutorial activities include discussions of lectures and helping students to find information in order to solve basic academic research problems. Getting ready to take notes; taking notes during lecture; revising notes after the lecture.

Noting key points with relevant additional details. Developing attentive and critical listening skills; lateral thinking; active and passive listening. Writing a Research Paper Academic conventions of writing a research paper.

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Terminology and concepts of research: The process of writing a Esl Term Paper Proofreading Websites paper: Harvard system of referencing; select or reject a source based on difficulty level, relevance and currency; assess the reliability, objectivity and authenticity of a source; summarize, paraphrase and quote to avoid plagiarism.

Editing and proofreading; rules of using a comma, parenthetical Esl Term Paper Proofreading Websites and the use of comma with numbers and quotations; the apostrophe, hyphen and dash; the period; semicolon.

Consistency and grammatical correctness. Basic problems of scientific writing: Conventions of Academic Research: Oral presentation of the Esl Term Paper Proofreading Websites paper: Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this course the students are expected to communicate effectively in their academic environment. Learning Materials Handouts, websites, PowerPoint projector, microphone, books and journals recommended by the instructor.

Each student must fulfill the following requirements of the English for Academic Purposes course. Take lecture notes and actively participate in discussions on various topics by asking questions and giving short two-minute presentations or comments, whenever required by the tutor. Every student will be assessed for note-taking skills, from time to time.

The course English for Academic Purposes consists of lectures 2 hours per week, in a lecture theatre and tutorials 2 hours per week, in small classrooms. Students are required to take notes during the lectures and discuss the topics of lectures during the tutorials. The aim of the lectures is to develop active listening and note-taking skills.

The aim of the tutorials is to help students to develop their critical thinking skills and to provide with the basic research project writing skills. Study regularly handouts, books, lecture notes and online materials. Use the learning tools and materials which are provided in the websites and as recommended by the lecturer during the lecture.

Self-study also includes all assignments given by lecturers. Attend all classes regularly. Prepare and give at least one oral presentation. Handouts, PowerPoint, overhead projector or other devices can be used but a student is not allowed to read from a paper or from a computer.

The presentation should last approximately fifteen minutes and the student will be assessed. An outline of the presentation must be handed in to the tutor and copies to all the students if necessary. The outline of the presentation must be printed on one A4 size page and must contain read article student ID number, the name of the student written in English written on top of the A4 size papertitle of the topic, and the basic points of the presentation.

The font size must be Times New Roman The font size of the title must be Times New Roman Attend all examinations, lectures and tutorials. Cheating at examinations is not tolerated and students who are caught during examination will automatically fail.

Expulsion implies that the student should not consider the College for further education. Students are expected to comply with the college-wide requirements for academic integrity.

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The College is committed to academic integrity — the honest, fair, and continuing pursuit of knowledge, free from fraud or deception. This implies that students are expected to be responsible for their own continue reading. Students are expected to complete their own, original work by using their own words. A hand-written Statement of Originality, signed by the student, must be attached to the completed research project.

The Course Outline is the main document of the course and the topics which are given in the Course Outline must be discussed in class every week. The duty of each student is to conduct Internet and library research, study the handouts and prepare for class discussions. The Course Outline is handed in to each student during the first week of the semester.

Any additional questions or suggestions related to the above can be answered or discussed personally by the tutor during the tutorial, after the tutorial or by email. Anonymous emails will not be replied. Principles of time management. Formulating of long-term and short-term goals. Active and passive listening. How to choose a research topic?

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Study the Course Outline and Course Requirements. Revise lecture notes and handouts. Prepare for discussion of the lecture. Conduct Internet and library research.

Retrieve information from the Internet and the library.

How to take and how not to take notes. How to write a good summary. Organizing information in a proposal and research paper. Study the principles of note taking and summary writing.

Discussion of the Rough Drafts of the Research Proposals.

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Start writing Rough Draft of the Project Proposal. Write an outline of the Project. Formulating academic research questions. Link topics for the Project. Start collecting information for Research Project. Start designing a questionnaire.

Finish writing Rough Draft of the Project Proposal. Grammatical correctness, clarity and precision. Quotation, paraphrasing and summarizing.

Plagiarism and how to avoid it. Write a rough draft of the Project.

Consistency in format and layout: Developing correct writing skills. Basic rules of correct writing. Commonly made mistakes in writing. Study handouts and lecture notes. Start writing Rough Draft of the Project. Organize content of paper. Learning how to prepare a final printed version, including summary, bibliography and appendix.

Prepare to discuss your project. Continue writing rough draft of the project with summary and bibliography. Editing and proofreading Esl Term Paper Proofreading Websites final draft of the research project. Learning and practicing how to write an outline of the project presentation. Learning how to give source oral presentation of the Research Paper by using PowerPoint. Search Engines 4 Kids. Safe Sites 4 Kids.

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