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actualMany people visit this site in search of answers to their etiquette questions.

One popular query is "How do I end a letter? It's the "complimentary close" or "complimentary closing" that business writers are wondering about, those phrases that come before the signature in a letter. The complimentary closes below are listed from 1 very formal to 14 very warm.

Here of the complimentary closes above are acceptable.

You can choose among them based on your taste and the type of business letter. A letter informing someone of a job layoff might use "Sincerely yours. I prefer "Warm wishes" or "Sincerely," which both feel warmer. But it's a question of preference--not appropriateness. I simply don't prefer "Cordially. However, the words "Thank you" are not a complimentary close--they are part of a sentence. They belong in the body of the letter fleshed out and with a period at the end, like this example: Do not use "Kindly" as a close.

Of course, "Affectionately" would be right only in a very close business relationship. Only if you dare! To master Esl Business Plan Proofreading For Hire Us details of courteous, relationship-building writing, get my book Business Writing With Heart: You can get a signed, personalized paperback with a laminated bookmark from my website.

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As you have probably noticed, only the first word of the complimentary close is capitalized, despite the title of this post. In business writing classes, people have asked, "Do Read article have to write Sincerely if I can't stand the person and I don't feel sincere?

The two previous closes would never be used in a business letter. Besides, "Sincerely" communicates positive energy and a knowledge of proper etiquette. If you would like to have someone edit or proofread your business letters, please ask my partner, Scribendi. I do not provide this service, but Scribendi does excellent, fast work. This blog of yours is great! I am a student from the netherlands, forced to do job-applications in english, beceause the man doing the meetings is italian.

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This was Esl Business Plan Proofreading For Hire Us helpfull! Daan June 16, at Lynn June 16, at Bari, please scroll through this blog under the category "Etiquette. They are often called "salutations. Lynn June 26, at Dear Lynn, I have the following question: Yours faithfully, my-LastName my-FirstName i. Should I follow the same way the employer addresses and end the letter? Steven July 26, at Steven, you do not need to do exactly what the employer did. In fact, his capitalization and lack of punctuation on the closing are both not standard that is, considered wrong.

I do not know which country you live in, but in the U. I would suggest "Sincerely" or "With best wishes," which the employer used. I am a bit perplexed about "Your last name, your first name. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant. In general, follow the employer's lead. Lynn July 26, at I was once told by an Englishman that he was taught never to sign an anonymous Dear Sir or Madam letter "sincerely" but rather "yours faithfully".

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So this may be English style. Personally, I am a source of simply signing "best wishes", but am beginning to doubt my choice as I have a lot of ESL students who tend to copy my signature and this tends to be a bit too greeting card-like for more formal correspondence.

So it was with interest that I landed on your comments regarding with best wishes. Maybe I'll switch to warm or fuzzy wishes to make clear that I'm a bit off Steve October 15, at Steve, I love "Warm and fuzzy wishes"! Let's just hope your ESL students don't follow your lead! Lynn October 17, at I was looking for some inspiration, when I came across "Spitefully" or "With strong malice". I have not laughed for a long time as hard as about this. Thanks for not only great tips but also to make me laugh!

Viktorija December 05, at Hello Lynn, I have a question in regards Esl Business Plan Proofreading For Hire Us a complimentary close when writing a letter to a customer who has presented a dishonoured cheque to our company.

It is standard practice to give the customer 2 weeks to rectify the problem before we take the matter further. Is it okay, considering the customer is receiving the benefit of the doubt for the 2 weeks that a mistake may have occured, to close the letter with "regards" even though you don't like it. A collegue suggested "yours faithfully" but I haven't heard of that closing in a long time. Katherine April 14, at Esl Business Plan Proofreading For Hire Us, I think "Regards" is fine in your situation.

In fact, I am warming to that closing for general use. Lynn April 15, at Dear Lynn, How long has "warm wishes" been around? For me that sounds very personal and I would never feel comfortable ending a business letter with it. How common is that? I don't know how long "Warm wishes" has been around. It is not for use as a closing to a stranger.

It's for warm relationships. I use it when I close letters or emails to clients I know well, especially when I am saying thank you to them. Lynn June 09, at It is very thoughtful of you to send or give a birthday card to your teacher from England. You can close with one of these phrases: It suggests devotion and intimacy that are a step beyond the teacher-student relationship. It would be correct for your husband, husband to be, father, grandfather, uncle, or brother or for women in similar Romeo And Juliet Summary Book Report. Lynn June 11, at Can you provide an example of an appropriate closings for a handwritten note that I am leaving in a card?

SS June 11, Esl Business Plan Proofreading For Hire Us The closing of such a delicate, important message should complement what you say in it. Here are some possibilities:. Lynn June 15, at I find it a bit presumptuous. However, if it accepted these days, I guess I'll live with it. Rick, I think that use of "Thanks" is fine. George starts with "Please" and ends with "Thanks"--very polite.

If it seems presumptuous to you, think of it as "Thanks for considering my request. Lynn September 15, at Like you, I find a closing 'Thanks' presumptuous at worst and carelessly dismissive at best.

I am disappointed that Lynn should find it acceptable, but not surprised as the standard of communication in email is generally appalling, 'ain't it?

However I am surprised that Lynn should think 'Yours faithfully' has fallen out of general usage in business correspondence. I see it used daily in letters to this office, and it is certainly the correct 'complimentary close' when corresponding with 'Sir', 'Madam', or even 'To whom it may concern'. Chris September 17, at Where do you work that such a formal close as "Yours faithfully" is typical? Here's what Peggy Post, the etiquette expert, has to say about the closings in her book "Emily Post's Etiquette": Cabinet, an ambassador, or anyone holding an equally important post.

I don't correspond socially with such a lofty group--and I have never seen "Yours faithfully" used in business correspondence.

On the subject of "Thanks," when we get irritated because someone closes a message with that word, something else is going on.