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want promote andA PhD candidate may develop their own research project in collaboration with their supervisor or apply for one of our available PhD projects.

Applicants who are interested in specific projects should first contact the academic supervisor listed under each project and then proceed to the Apply Now webpage. The scholarship is available to domestic and international applicants, and the awardee must meet or exceed the criteria of a University of Tasmania Elite award.

It is awarded on an annual basis, subject to funds being available. Gaps in the CISG are filled by the law as determined by the court or the arbitral tribunal. With different conflict of laws rules used in different countries, courts or arbitral tribunals do not necessarily come to the conclusion on the same set of law. Hence, parties are left with uncertainties. If the conclusion is that the combination of both still cannot create laws or rules to facilitate a seamless international sale of goods, this research aims to further suggest how the CISG should be reformed.

Candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Knowledge and skills that will be ranked highly include:. Please contact Dr Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit poomintr. Further information is available on the Scholarships webpage. This is a theoretical, computational and experimental work to develop adaptive model predictive controllers for the grid integration of marine renewable energy systems. The particular problem addressed in this project is the parameter variation due to aging and environmental condition.

The developed control technologies should be able to adapt to the changes and maintain satisfactory performance while ensuring the robust operation of the power converter system. Please contact Shantha Jayasinghe for more information.

The outcomes of the research work are: Applicants from China are also welcome to apply for the following scholarship: Applicants are encouraged to contact Associate Continue reading Pengfei Liu to discuss the various perspectives related to this type of research.

Please contact Associate Professor Pengfei Liu for more information. However only in recent history thousands of incidents and accidents involving ships have resulted in loss of life and property - not to mention environmental damages of different magnitudes.

However, from early in their career, mariners have to attend formal learning environment to gain skills and knowledge that they need to practice safely onboard ships. Yet, little is known about how this learning applied practically on the job, i. Through the investigation of the mariners in their formal learning environment marine colleges and in their workplace on board shipsit is the utmost purpose of the present ethnographic study to understand the implications of Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions discussion in reducing the shipping accidents.

The database will be composed of videotapes, field notes, interviews and documents. The implications of this study are relevant to workplace learning research in general and to maritime education and safe shipping practice in particular.

Candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are encouraged to apply but applicant with maritime background who are familiar with qualitative research methodology are preferred.

Applicants should first forward an expression of interest to Reza Emad. Selected applicants will be interviewed, following which they may be invited to apply for admission to the University of Tasmania. Autonomous underwater vehicle AUV docking system is proposed to enable long-term adaptive spatio-temporal sampling of a site of scientific interest.

The challenge for docking operations is how to reduce the risk of failure to dock in an unpredictable environment. In order to manage the risk it is first required to understand whether or not an abnormal condition is about to develop. Traditional condition monitoring typically focuses on individual sensors separately and does not treat the system as a single coherent whole.

Machine learning ML can take inference from a number of measurements and conditions and use them as features to build an overall model of the condition of the system, finding cross-coupled inference to indicate unhealthy states and also reduce false alarms.

The aim of this project is to explore the use of a docking algorithm which uses ML to enable AUV docking in Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions variable docking system operational problem space. Being able to compensate for normal operation, various degraded vehicle, sensor and system conditions and also varying Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions conditions.

This capability is particularly important for AUV homing after under-ice missions where the high dynamic environment with ocean currents and moving obstacles may cause unexpected disturbances on AUV navigation.

Please contact Dr Shuangshuang Fan Shuangshuang. While a thorough theoretical investigation is required, the research work is concentrated on the design, fabrication of a testing apparatus for dual-mode rotors for their performance in both propulsion and turbine mode.

The outcomes of visit web page research are the measured data, analysis of the data, design optimization of a towed shaft generator for yachts and sailing boats.

The role of ports in emerging economies, while trade is growing continuously, is still limited to productivity and output to gain efficiency. Achieving efficiency through integration in the supply chain, which would cover a broad picture of foreland, port itself and hinterland management, might be a far off scenario Zhang and Lam,; Huo, Zhang and Chen, Monopolistic situation and limited facilities could be addressed as the prime reason for congestion.

However, there is still lack of innovation, ignorance to potential demand and significantly insufficient cooperation and collaboration with different stakeholders. This study aims to examine the level of cooperation and collaboration mechanisms of port authorities with both hinterland and foreland operators.

To achieve this objective, a systematic literature review will be conducted first, followed by data collection through structured interviews and surveys for the identification of possible factors or variables. The influence of these variables will be analysed by both qualitative description and quantitative data analysis approaches. Multiple-criteria decision-making MCDM will also be used to explicitly evaluate multiple conflicting criteria in decision making.

A management and operation framework will subsequently be suggested in relation to cooperation and collaboration along with the resultant benefit in terms Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions both cost and customer satisfaction for the port and partners along the supply chain.

In theory, this research will contribute to current studies in understanding port significance in supply chain integration.

It will also enrich the studies in port cooperation and collaboration in achieving both cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction along the supply chain. In practice, this research will optimise see more available resources which mitigates the never ending demand of additional port facilities from the traditional perspective of the input-output mechanism in emerging economies.

It will Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions help port entities to be realistic and rational in relation to port investment as well as achieving sustainability. Maritime cluster evolution based on symbiosis theory and Lotka-Volterra model. Recent development of Chinese port cooperation strategies. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. Please contact Dr Vera Zhang vera. This research involves analysis of the Insurance Act of the United Kingdom which sought to amend various provisions of the Marine Insurance Acta very successful statute which had not been amended prior to and which served as a model for similar statutes in other jurisdictions, including the Marine Insurance Act Cth of Australia and the Marine Insurance Ordinance Cap.

This research aims at evaluating impacts of the Insurance Act on marine insurance businesses in the United Kingdom as well as in other countries. Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit for more information. Therefore, it is important to address these flow regime effects when scaling the friction coefficient of the vehicle from model-scale to full-scale.

However, in practice, validating the experimental scaling procedure is difficult due to the lack of full- scale data for large underwater vehicles, such as submarines. With the ongoing development of high performance computing facilities and simulation codes to predict fluid flow and pressure fields, numerical modelling using CFD is becoming more capable in replicating conditions that are difficult or costly to achieve through experimental processes and have the potential to provide the necessary full-scale data to support the experimental scaling procedure.

This project will provide significantly read more experimental and numerical capabilities to enable high fidelity full-scale predictions of underwater here hydrodynamics. Capabilities includes improved understanding of the flow around a submarine at model and full scale and the influence of turbulence stimulation of the flow during model scale experiments; including appendages, an area significantly lacking in understanding.

This will enable experimentalist to utilise appropriate turbulence stimulation techniques. Please contact Dr Zhi Leong Zhi. This research is to develop optimum skew and blade planform shape of high performance propellers for fast and low noise merchant ships. This research work involves numerical modeling and generic code implementation and CFD work for performance evaluation, analysis and design optimization, in terms of optimum propulsive efficiency, low noise and cavitation.

Ocean waves represent a strategic and substantial power source in many countries, including Australia. Among several wave energy converter concepts, the Oscillating Water Column OWC device has drawn the attention of developers and researchers, internationally, because it is arguably one of the most simple and elegant in design and in principle of operation.

This necessitates searching for cost-reduction pathways to make OWC devices a more economically viable means for wave energy extraction.

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is an institute of higher education in Limerick, a modern urban city in the Mid-West region of Ireland and is one of A PhD candidate may develop their own research project in collaboration with their supervisor or apply for one of our available PhD projects. Application Process.

Integrating OWC devices into existing or in-development offshore and coastal structures such as breakwaters is one of the most promising pathways that could reduce the LCOE for OWC devices and therefore, accelerate commercialization of this technology.

The present project aims at promoting the commercialization of OWC-breakwater technology in Australia by click both physical model experiments and numerical CFD modeling to provide a broader understanding of the hydrodynamic performance of an array of OWC devices embedded into a breakwater as well as to investigate structure survivability in storm conditions. Please contact Dr Ahmed Elhanafi Ahmed.

The main research work is to design and fabricate an auto-pitch WIG thruster and test its open water at the AMC tow tank. A large amount of measured open water data is required for propulsive efficiency with respect to the pitch and heave amplitudes, oscillating frequency, stiffness of the auto-pitch spring, oblique angle versus manoeuvrability, and speed variation bollard-pull or sudden acceleration.

Current oil, gas and marine renewable energy practice requires the installation of large fixed and floating structures offshore. Although several studies have been conducted to investigate how design parameters such as air gap, the strength of topside deck and mooring arrangements affect the survivability of these structures, the effects of air content and air entrapment have yet to be systematically investigated.

Research suggests that the magnitude and distribution of wave loads in the Entrepreneurship And The Business Plan Kyne Solutions of air cavities may be significantly different from that obtained under the assumption of a structure interacting with water only.

The goal of this project is to fill this gap in knowledge by conducting a PhD investigation into the effects of air source and air entrapment on the survivability of offshore structures subjected to extreme weather events. Please contact Dr Nagi Abdussamie nagia utas.

This research objective will be achieved by conducting the research in the following two modules:.

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Please contact Dr Yuquan Bill Du yuquan. This research work is mainly experimental - design and build a polar class propeller apparatus to acquire measured data for the ultimate strength theory and URI3 rules by the International Association of Classification Societies. Computational work is also required to use the existing software Propella or similar CFD software with URI3 implementation to compare the design strength of new and as-built polar class propellers by using the URI3 implementation and the ultimate strength theory.

The core research work is both theoretical and numerical. The theoretical part of the work more info in the ultimate strength theory in the literature.

The research outcomes include, but no limited to: In a climate of shipping downturn, a judicial sale of ship presents an effective means for creditors of ships to have their debts satisfied.

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However, there is a complex problem when the ship is sold by the judicial sale order of a court in one country but such sale was not recognised by the court in the other country.

The purpose of this research is to examine problems in terms of the recognition of foreign judicial sales of ships and assess the likely effectiveness of the Beijing Draft if it becomes an international convention. Please contact Dr Poomintr Sooksripaisarnkit for more information.

There is a high degree of uncertainties in all of the factors affecting sub-sea pipeline on-bottom stability.

Design equations in the code of practice are known to be conservative, and structural reliability approach has been proposed to remove some of the conservatism while maintaining the desired level of safety. However, traditional reliability methods are costly and time consuming to carry out. The primary objective of the proposed research is to modify a reliability-based method that is currently developed at AMC for another application, and study its applicability for sub-sea pipeline on-bottom stability problems.

Please contact Fauzi Hardjanto for more information.