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Pressure English Writing Past Papers single-participant gameCXC suggests spending no more than 35 minutes to answer the summary writing question in Section one, paper 2 of the English A exam.

Read carefully the following conversation between Ross and Susan and then answer the question below it. Box 63 Arroyo Village. Imagine that you are Susan. In not more than wordswrite the letter to the villagers.

I need to ask a question about this question. Show me more summary writing questions! You will need to login or create a new acount in order to access the rest of the summary writing questions. Dear Villagers of Arroyo, I am writing to inform you that our sport club will be having students of Guadeloupe visiting us on September 15 for two weeks, however the hotel is all booked out and so I am asking if anyone is willing to accommodate one student each at a reasonable cost.

You will be ask to provide breakfast and dinner except for on Sundays you also provide, person's that are English Writing Past Papers are ask to send in a letter by August 26th. Then two members of the club will visit and converse with applicant on the 28th after 6pm before making a selection, we would appreciate if anyone can and willing to accommodate more that one students.

Your consideration greatly appreciated. Again I say thank you. Hi, It seems that there is English Writing Past Papers missing from your letter. You didn't say anything about the villagers please click for source to provide lunch on Sunday.

You also didn't say anything about the villagers needing to speak French.

And I would make my sentences shorter if I were you. Sad to say, your grammar is pretty poor, to put it mildly. The sentence structure is also sticky: This happens when you have a lot to say and forget to pause. Oh, you also missed details such as the age group of the students, purpose for visit, and more.

I hope this helps. All the best, and as long as I can help, I will. I think you should write the letter to show us how it should be done. I feel that is better than just pointing out what is bad.

What do you think? Hello, we in Caribexams believe that in order to encourage members to continue to contribute postings and to help each other to improve for exams, a good help strategy is to suggest areas for improvements where necessary, and to commend the positives.

We believe that this approach is more helpful rather than simply pointing out the negatives. One way to think of it is, how would you like someone approach you, if you were in the same position. I am sorry for sounding harsh. I hope you accept my apology. In the future, I promise to give more uplifting comments. I in no way intended to make you feel bad; I just wanted to give the honest opinion you expected.

Keep working though, and you will succeed. The members English Writing Past Papers the Denby Sport club are sincerely asking any villagers who are interested in English Writing Past Papers a group of students article source Guadeloupe for two weeks.

The students are expected to arrive on September 15 and depart on September Interesting applicants must be able to provide breakfast and dinner on Monday-Saturday and lunch only on Sundays.

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On the 28 of September two of our club members would like to inspect the house and talk with the applicant before making a selection. Please, attach your English Writing Past Papers for the accommodation of the visitors.

Any applicants who are interested must submit their letters by the deadline date August All applicants must submit their letters to the secretary at the address listed above.

Thanks for your cooperation. The go here of the club are also asking persons interested give us your rates please so we can make our selection, and Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch on Sunday are asking you to provide persons from the club will be visiting all interested villages After the date of all letters most come in on August 26,for interested persons send letter to the above address thank you.

Requiments are,meals breakfast and dinner,on sunday lunch must be included. All interested villagers must be able to speak french. Rates for accommadoting students must be included in reply letter which must be sent in by 26th. On the 28th two of English Writing Past Papers members will visit interested villagers homes to inspect an chat before selections are made.

Also, is this a letter "regarding villagers" or is it a letter "to villagers"?

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I think it should be "to villagers". You English Writing Past Papers the 26th and the 28th but you don't say of what month. You say breakfast and dinner are required but you don't say on what days. I am Susan Charles, Secretary of Denby Sports Club and I write seeking your assistance in accommodating students from Guadeloupe, who are expected to arrive on September 15, These students will be here for a period of two 2 weeks so we ask that you provide breakfast and dinner, except on Sundays, where you include lunch as well.

Please bear in mind that these students can only speak French, so only villagers who are able to speak the language will be selected. All interested Villagers must write to the above address, stating their rate.

We also English Writing Past Papers to know if anyone will be able to cater for more than one student. Hi Kathy, ; This is a very good summary except for a couple of things: You used the year in writing.

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Past Papers Below are all the available documents related to English GCSE. To view PDFs on this page you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is the type of summary writing question that has been on CXC English A past papers. NB: CXC suggests spending no more than 35 minutes to answer the summary. Instantly Proofread Your Texts And Correct Grammar & Punctuation Now!.

Nowhere in the passage is the year given. Since you include information not given, you would definitely lose marks for that. It is a good idea to include the date and time when the club members were going to inspect: This would be considered essential information as the villagers would have to be available at that date and time if they wanted to be inspected. It would also be a good idea to include more specific information from the passage, e. Hi, I was hoping that someone else would answer this question.

However, since no one has picked it up, I will give it a shot. As far as I understand it, CXC accepts the modified block format: Dear Villagers, I Susan Charles,secretary of Denby sports club,is kindly asking interested persons to accomadate students of both boys and girls from the Guadeloupe of private rooms for two weeks starting from september 15th.

This is being asked because the hotel will be occupied at this time. Breakfast and dinner must be provided ,except on Sunday lunch must be included. Students are French speakers,hence only french speakers will be selected.

If you are interested kindly reply me to the above address by 26th August, Before selecting two club members will have an inspection and chat with the villagers,then the students can inhabit by 28th August, You can include your charges as well. They will return to Guadeloupe by september 30th Well be pleased if you accomadate more than one student. Our club will be having students from Guadeloupe arriving on September 15th.

Hotels wont accommodate the students because of lacked of rooms. Our solution that we will have to accommodate in Private Homes, providing Breaksfast and dinner except on Sundays that there must be Lunch as well. Villagers will have to speak French. Our Expository Editor For Essay Esl University Sites will be leaving on September 30th.

Two club English Writing Past Papers will want to inspect homes before making the selection. Applicants who are interested should reach us August 26th that our members can visit on the 28th. Your corporation will be very appreciated. I am writing to you all seeking accommodation for students from Guadeloupe, who will be arriving on September 15th for weeks. Our visitors are book to leave on September 30th.

Villagers who is interesting in housing any of these students English Writing Past Papers be able to speak French as our visitors speak no English. You are required to provide them with meals which include Breakfast and Dinner except on Sundays which includes lunch.

I must inform you that two members from this web page Club will want to inspect your home and speak with you before making any selection. Letters from those who are interested should reach us by August 26th.

Then our members can visit on the 28th, you can write to me at the address mentioned above including your rates. Shantel can u please comment on my own that is called Brayan Thank u very much and if anybody else is willingly to comment u are free to do so. This is just a suggestion to get hopefully get things moving here. I think one way to encourage other members to comment on your answer to the question is to take the time English Writing Past Papers comment on their answers.

Generally, I believe that members may be more willing to take the time to review your work, if you show them that you are willing to take the time to do the same for them. Villagers On September 15,there will be a group of student consisted of both male and female arriving from Guadeloupe.

They English Writing Past Papers lived there

Our hotel the Denby Sports Club is currently without vacancy and will be so upon till September 30,Until then we are asking for some assistance from the villagers on accommodating these students. For those with interest it's highly recommended for you to be able to translate withing bout languages English,French ;and to provide breakfast and dinner from Monday through to Saturday except on Sundays were lunch is to be included.

A letter is require to be sent to the secretary of the Denby Sports Club stating how many student will be accommodate and the rate of which will be charged,all letter should meet the deadline of August 26 so that it would be possible read article inspect all houses on August The students of Guadelope will be arriving on September 15th in our country for two weeks until September 30th.