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are only few videoSave time by starting with a sample design, or create your own using exquisite pro fonts, creative type styles, stylish graphics, client photos, custom monograms, seamless patterns, and creative borders and backgrounds.

The built-in addressing tools let you produce fully styled envelopes, labels and place cards with alternate fonts, OpenType Pro styles, meal choice graphics and more. Keep track of customer projects and addresses quickly and easily with built-in customer management tools. Read below for an overview or click here to view a complete list of features.

Stationery Layout Design cards, envelopes, labels, programs and other stationery such as place cards with meal choices. Print two-sided envelopes in one pass through your printer. Custom Stationery Design Stationery design tools let you create your own custom borders, backgrounds and patterns for maximum creativity. Two-sided digital printing paired with authentic foil, letterpress, thermography and glitter are built into the software with wholesale pricing. Fast continue reading at multiple US print facilities and in-country printing at our facility in Canada.

Read our press release for more information. The software will automatically upload the artwork in the correct format for printing, and creating dies when needed for foil or letterpress. Built-in smart color palettes automatically change all foil on a card to the same color when you make a change. Have a generic foil or letterpress design you want to use frequently? Order a stock die template! Rounded COrners and Trim NEW Print Services include two-sided full-bleed digital printing with optional rounded corners and other trim shape options including gallery frame, ticket, and scallop.

Custom printed liners are trimmed, inserted and adhered into the envelopes. No need to order a thousand and hold inventory, just print quantities of 25 when you need them. Wedding, Return Address and Business Logos Now you can quickly create and personalize wedding, return address and Business Plan Pro 4 Serial logos for your clients. Once you choose a logo you can easily scale to the size you need, and then ungroup to change the fonts and colors.

Save your own custom Logos Create your own custom logo designs and save them so they appear in the Insert Logo window. We can also print foil-stamped designs onto a variety of different color napkins, coasters and treat bags. Ruler Guides with Snap to Edge and Center Click in the rulers to add guides to help you align design elements on your stationery. Drag guides to any Business Plan Pro 4 Serial on the see more. Click a guide to remove it.

The edges and centers of design elements snap to the guides Business Plan Pro 4 Serial dragging, resizing and cropping. Templates for tumblers, ornaments, can coolers and more are easily printed and then trimmed with scissors or a rotary cutter.

Spelling and Text Tools Type with confidence as spelling preview underlines misspelled words and offers right-click options to correct. Supercharged Envelope Addressing Advanced addressing options let you customize the printed address. Specify alternate fonts for different elements of the address. Automatically modify the addresses to: Pin Image to Address Pin images to the left, right, top or bottom if the address.

The image will be positioned according to the size of the address so that it is moved down for longer addresses or up for shorter addresses. Print Formatted Mailing Lists Format printouts of mailing list, guest list and address book for clients.

Specify font, type size, gridlines, columns, landscape or portrait, even add your company name or logo. Supercharged Place cards All of the fabulous supercharged Business Plan Pro 4 Serial features such as multiple alternate fonts, pinning images, mirroring images, and PDF proofs are also available for place cards.

Each can have its own image. Works with importing and printing guest list. Auto-create Seating Charts by table NEW Now you can create a new seating chart and it will automatically populate with names and table numbers from the guest list! Adjust the text style for the headings and guest names, adjust the number of columns, and the software automatically lays out the names and tables in columns for gorgeous seating charts. The software automatically adjusts the lengths of the columns of names for the most aesthetically pleasing layout.

Use column connectors to add dots, lines, dashes, or squares between the name and table number to make it easy for guests to read. Partnered with top brands PrintingPress Pro Extreme 10 partners with top brands to give you the best options for in-store design, personalization, printing and die cutting. Click here to learn more. Specialty Print Services Our new version 10 software includes easy access to affordable Business Plan Pro 4 Serial services! Rounded Corners and Trim Print Services include two-sided full-bleed digital printing with optional rounded corners and other trim shape options including gallery frame, ticket, and scallop.

We here also print foil-stamped designs onto a variety of different color napkins. Bulk Sort By Zip Code Sorting the mailing list by address now sorts by zip code for easy use with printing envelopes in postal code order for bulk mailings.

You can also copy Business Plan Pro 4 Serial paste projects from one customer to another using the Copy and Paste options in the Edit menu. Auto-create Seating Charts by table Now you can create a new seating chart and it will automatically populate with names and table numbers from the guest list!

Stationery types for printing personalized gift wrap and banners. Create unique Mailing Lists for each project so you can print individually-addressed envelopes without difficult mail merges. Customer Folders PrintingPress Pro Extreme lets you organize all of your projects into customer folders. You can create sub folders for organizing customers and customer projects. The Find Customer feature helps you locate customer folders.

Project Tracking The software tracks project status, cost and billing with reporting by customer, employee or month. Pro Extreme automatically records time spent on job and number of prints. Create multiple employee logins with different levels of access privileges to manage your staff. Emailing Proofs Easily send graphical proofs and mailing lists to customers.

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Customize the default text for email proofs to quickly send a proof out for approval. The Stationery Wizard allows you to specify the type of stationery, the exact dimensions of the stationery, fold location, margins, ribbon hole placement if desired and the number of cards per page for printing 2 or 4 cards on a sheet and trimming afterwards. Specify details for envelopes, address labels, postcards, overlay pages, programs and table place cards. Overprint Margins Add overprint margin on stationery for printing with bleed and trimming after you print or printing beyond the edge of a label for full bleed.

Trim Zone shows the area where the die will cut and allows you to accurately place your design. Go straight to the AccuCut stationery type instead of creating a place card like before. AccuCut Template Search With so many AccuCut Pinnovation die templates to choose from, we added an easy way to search for the die you want by typing in the list window when creating your stationery.

We even added handy preview images to help make sure you choose the right one. Personalized Gift Items Now you can order an assortment of printed personalized gifts and upload the artwork to us directly from the software.

Text Palettes Tool palettes enable easy modification of text and images directly on the card. Use any font that you have on your computer and fill the text in any color or pattern. Stretch text horizontally or vertically, even stretch justify. Adjust the skew and baseline position for full control. Recent Fonts Menu The Recent Fonts menu keeps track of the 10 most recently go here fonts to make it easy for you to quickly select fonts among the ones that you are using for the current design.

Select a character to see all of the alternate glyphs that are available for that character in the Business Plan Pro 4 Serial updated Special Characters palette. Unique controls allow you to automatically apply OpenType stylistic alternates exclusively to capital letters, numbers or the last letter of each word to any text including envelope addresses. New OpenType alternate glyph options for monograms allow you to choose alternate glyphs for the left, middle and right initials.

Scale Text Box When resizing a text box, now you can choose to have the text inside scale instead of keeping the font size. This is great for resizing logos and reusing the same text design elements on different size cards so everything stays in the same ratio without having to adjust Business Plan Pro 4 Serial font sizes for different text boxes.

Justify Words Paragraph Style The Justify paragraph style in PrintingPress evenly spaces all letters on a line, which is perfect for invitations. The new Justify Words paragraph style justifies only the spaces between the words. Adding Images Add photos and graphics to any stationery. Embed the image directly in the main text area where it will obey text alignment rules or float the image above or below the main text area and drag it anywhere on the card. Text on the imported PDF page content cannot be edited, but can be resized or recolored like other images.

Advanced Image Cropping Advanced image cropping tools let you crop images while still seeing the entire image for reference. Monochrome Click the following article When colorizing an image you can now choose to have it convert to a monochrome image the exact color you choose, even if the original image had gradients and a variety of different colors.

Add Drop Shadows to Images Choose from a variety of drop shadows to images on your stationery, including reflected and projected shadows in addition to standard, heavy, solid and double drop shadows.

Downsample Image If you're working Business Plan Pro 4 Serial one or more large images and are only using the image at a small percentage of the original size, you can choose to downsample the image to improve performance and reduce memory requirements for printing.

Sort Images by Color When you click on the Insert Image button, you can use the Right-click menu option to sort images in the Choose Image window by color instead click here by name.

This will group all aqua images together, all blue images together, and so on. This is especially useful when browsing larger folders in our Professional Illustrations collection.

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Custom Borders and Backgrounds Add custom borders and backgrounds here any image, text box, shape or monogram. Fill the custom border or background with any color or pattern. Also fill custom borders with shapes or images. Graphical Borders and Backgrounds Add graphical border images to any image, text box, shape, monogram or stationery.

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Add a photo or graphical background image to any stationery. Address Lists Each customer has their own unique address book to keep customer address lists separated.

Clean up addresses automatically, removes duplicates, extra spaces and blank lines, change from all-caps. Address Envelopes Advanced addressing options let you customize the printed address. Rotate Label Name within Address Rotate just the label name within the address for an elegant, customized look. In the example to the left, the title Mr.

Run your business on the go Sage 50c, is the only desktop accounting software with anytime, anywhere cloud access, now with seamless integration with Microsoft Office. PrintingPress Pro Extreme Software Overview PrintingPress Pro Extreme 10 empowers you to be creative with easy-to-use tools for designing sophisticated invitations. Welcome to the VA Office of Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU). Micro Center Web Store; You are currently browsing the products available on our web store. If you would like to choose a store location, please do so below.