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the very good lotteryThey do not Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters reflect positions of ACSM.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter. In recent years, much attention has been given to the importance of exercise, with its myriad of associated health benefits. Data demonstrates that people with disabilities are far less likely to click here in leisure time physical activity when compared to their able-bodied counterparts, and more likely to experience the negative health impact of chronic disease.

Those who do not exercise are 50 percent more likely to report at least one chronic disease when compared to active adults with disabilities.

Given that people with disabilities represent an estimated 20 percent of our adult, U. Additionally concerning is evidence. In light of these concerns, how do we find the way forward? By embracing concepts of universal design and applying them to a sports and exercise context, much can be achieved.

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Here are two ideas to get started:. The disability community is one of the only minority groups that anyone can enter, at any point in life — and, once there, membership may be transient or permanent.

Additionally, every single one of us will acquire a disability if we live long enough. Thus, the accommodations that we put in place to serve people with disabilities, in fact, serve us all. Implement Universal Design in all Realms: Providing accommodations means much more than simply putting a ramp by the front door. Rather, fully embracing universal design requires thinking across the spectrum of experience, including aspects of policy and programming that create for an inclusive environment.

Take for example a private gym.

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Sure, the gym should have an Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters entrance and bathroom facilities, but what else can be done? Taking extra steps such as considering how to offer cardiovascular fitness classes for here with different levels of mobility, having information available in accessible formats such as Braille and large print, and using individuals with disabilities in marketing materials among others will make a tremendous impact to both staff and customers, both those with and without a disability.

The United States Access board has guidelines on how best ensure your fitness facility is inclusive. It is time to ask - have we done enough to ensure equal access to these opportunities for people of all backgrounds and abilities?

And, as sport and exercise medicine professionals, where does our responsibility lie? By working collaboratively, toward a common goal, we are poised to ensure that into the future, exercise is for every BODY.

At the ACSM Health and Fitness SummitI will deliver a keynote source arguing that we must do more to ensure that opportunities for physical fitness do not discriminate and are universally accessible.

To learn more or register for this meeting, please visit www. The change means 46 percent of adults in the United States now have hypertension, compared with 32 percent according to the old JNC 7 definition. See the figure below for the new blood pressure classification Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters and other Highlights from the new Guideline for the Prevention, Treatment, Evaluation and Management of High Blood Pressure in Adults 2.

What do the new guidelines mean for your patients and clients with high blood pressure? If you had come into my office in the past in that to mmHg range, I might have left you alone, maybe told you to keep an eye on it, improve your diet or exercise more. Keep in mind these are guidelines, not rules, so it will be up to the doctor to decide. This is also a lifestyle alert.

The lower hypertension definition gives people a better chance to address their high blood pressure with exercise, weight loss, better diet, less sodium, and moderate alcohol use.

The good news, as Dr. Thompson indicates, is the new guidelines are a lifestyle alert. The blood pressure lowering effects of exercise occur from lower to higher intensity, when exercise is continuous or accumulated in shorter bouts, and after both aerobic and resistance exercise. In other words, 30 minutes a day of exercise, might help keep the medicines away.

Nonetheless, the immediate blood pressure lowering effects of exercise, termed postexercise hypotensionwere not addressed in the report. The new guidelines recommend 90 to minutes per week of moderate-to-vigorous intensity, aerobic and resistance exercise training which is a bit of a departure from the American College of Sports Medicine ACSM recommendations regarding intensity Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters modality 4,5.

However, since the publication of the ACSM position stand on exercise and hypertension over a Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters ago, accumulating evidence indicates the importance of higher exercise intensity 6and dynamic resistance 7 and concurrent i. The ACSM is in the process of revising its position stand on exercise and hypertension as a systematic review and meta-analysis of this newer evidence.

Her research on read more including exercise and hypertension, physical activity interventions and exercise genomics among other topics has been widely published. His research in the area of heart disease and cardiac function have been widely published. It is hard to research ATs in this world of changing technology.

We do not know if wearing ATs changes behavior over time the research is mixed and not very robust but we know the business of ATs is booming. Has technology invaded the fitness world much the same way it has invaded many other aspects of our lives?

The real question is: Currently we do not have enough research to say one way or the other. Segar, a motivation scientist at the University of Michigan, suggested ATs, although valuable tools, are only tools, and that something additional must be included to provide motivation 1. Segar believes ATs do not address behavior change sustainability. The health coaches were students enrolled in a course that taught motivational interviewing and behavioral intervention strategies.

Participants in this program did experience success in learning about the devices, and they stated that they enjoyed the freedom the device allowed for fitting movement into their day. Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters research focus that includes behavioral components of the impact of ATs might help us to understand their effects. Technology continues to challenge us to look at new and different ways to accomplish goals.

What we do know is that ATs whether accurate or not have intrigued us to count steps, self-motivate, and participate in social challenges with others to move more and sit less. For now, let us appreciate that ATs are here to stay whether we like them or not and whether they are accurate or not.

One thing is for sure; they cost less and are much easier to transport and move than weights and treadmills. Bruce Gladden, PhD, FACSM Many people may wonder why an article from a scientific journal should be considered more credible than one from a magazine on the grocery shelf. The most basic reason is peer review.

But what is peer review? Any respected scientific journal will subject these manuscripts to a rigorous review by scientific experts the author's peers prior to publishing. The rigor of this process leads some To Mail Resume to say that a career in science is a lifetime career of negative reinforcement.

Scientists are constantly receiving critiques of their work. ACSM published five scholarly journals. You can learn more about those publications and read articles here. Though the idea of interval-type exercise has been around for more than a half a century and has helped countless athletes achieve record performance, the last decade has witnessed an explosion of interest by researchers and excitement for individuals aiming to get in better shape.

The recent enthusiasm for interval-based exercise can be traced to research from Canada and Europe in the early s. The research in Canada started with exercise protocols that required participants to pedal at an all-out intensity for 30 seconds before recovering for a few minutes and then doing it again and again several more times.

In contrast, the European click utilized relatively long but less intense intervals in cardiac patients. Findings from these studies demonstrated that interval-based exercise is a powerful tool for improving exercise performance and health. This form of training is so flexible that it has produced an endless number of training options and several different names to describe it.

One other aspect of flexibility around HIIT relates to the style of exercise. The important idea behind all forms of HIIT is providing an intense phase of exercise followed by a period of recovery.

Each phase can range from a few seconds to a few minutes and are Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters across a range of intensities. The number of ways that HIIT can be configured is almost too numerous to count and perhaps this multitude of options is one of the reasons that so many people across a wide range of age, fitness and exercise experience seem to prefer this form of exercise Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters continuous exercise.

Though planning and implementing HIIT is somewhat more complex than continuous exercise, Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters flexibility makes it a very attractive option for both new exercisers and the hardcore fitness junkie. One important consideration around HIIT is that it provides the exerciser the opportunity to experience the extra benefits of intense exercise without creating an experience that is negative or unpleasant.

While there is no magic recipe for creating the perfect HIIT experience, research suggests that a good approach is to avoid the combination of work intervals that are both long and extremely intense.

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Longer intervals should be paired with high intensities, while shorter intervals can be paired with very high intensities. Exercisers should seek to create a HIIT experience that provides a great workout while simultaneously building confidence and producing positive attitudes and emotions.

HIIT is an approach to exercise that provides a great Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters to boost health and fitness in a variety of populations. All that is needed is a bit of patience in finding the right style and approach to HIIT and a willingness to try new versions and variations to keep things fresh and interesting. His teaching experiences and responsibilities are varied but primarily focus on sport and exercise psychology, exercise testing and prescription, and research methods.

By Laura Rogers, M. Getting enough physical activity earlier in the day may be one of those things. Can physical activity help, even then? The answer is yes, based on a recent scientific study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. In this study, breast cancer survivors receiving a three-month physical activity intervention reported better overall sleep quality at the end of the intervention and three months later.

Many cancer survivors have trouble sleeping well after their cancer diagnosis and treatment. Although this may improve over Best Blog Editor Websites For Masters, some cancer survivors struggle with trouble sleeping for months, or even years, after their diagnosis. This reduces their quality of life, worsens fatigue and depression, and increases risk of health problems.

Physical activity click the following article be any movement that increases the number of calories your body burns. Although most people typically think of physical activity as walking on a treadmill, swimming laps, or going for continue reading run, physical activity can include other activities such as gardening, walking your dog, parking further from the door, taking the stairs, etc.

Our recent study focused on walking, because it is the form of physical activity most commonly preferred by cancer survivors. However, other studies have demonstrated yoga as another type of physical activity scientifically proven to help cancer survivors sleep better. The intervention reported in the study also involved support from research staff and other cancer survivors—so choosing activities that connect you socially and help you feel less alone may help, too.

Her research focuses on exercise promotion and benefits in chronic disease populations, especially cancer survivors. Depression often results in significant economic and health burdens on society. One factor that contributes to this burden is the challenge in successful treatment of depression. Research indicates that nearly half of patients do not respond to initial treatment and one-third remain depressed even after multiple treatment attempts.