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Software License Proprietary Rights Provisions: MiFi device without having to give them your security settings. A computer or computing Att Wireless Internet Mf923 supporting Wi-Fi See LED States on page 7. Battery — The battery lasts up to four hours. The SIM card is not inserted or the device has an error.

See Common Problems and Solutions on page If your SIM card was pre-installed, skip step 7. The power button LED flashes amber while charging and glows solid amber if the device is off. Never use tools, knives, keys, pens or any type of object to force the door open This is normal and within standard specifications, and poses no hazard. The MiFi Landing Page launches.

Configure Security Though your device is pre-configured to have security enabled, you should change the network key Wi-Fi Key to a password you can easily remember and that is hard for others to guess. You should also change the administrative password. Using security with your wireless network is very important. WEP 64 bit is the least secure but the most compatible with other systems.

Choose the most secure protocol that works with the computers and other computing devices you want Att Wireless Internet Mf923 connect to your MiFi device.

From here Att Wireless Internet Mf923 can enable file sharing and see how much free space you have available on the microSDHC card. The navigation bar after you log in, but before you go to the admin user Settings section. Status Icons Below the Navigation Bar, at the top right corner of the window, icons indicate the device status.

Some of these icons might not be accessible to guest users. The MiFi Landing Page is where guests can see and interact with widgets.

How to Use Your AT&T Wireless Internet

See Widgets on page The first page you see when you go to http: To see the admin MiFi Landing Page with the ability to permanently change the settings, you must log in. Widgets Widgets are Att Wireless Internet Mf923 programs that give you information really quickly.

For example, your MiFi device can give you the weather where you are right now or anywhere in the world. Another example is a widget that can help you track your data usage and visibly show how much data you have left this period.

Settings You can configure and customize your MiFi device. They can also change settings related to where they are in the world, including date and time format, temperature units, measurement units, and numeric formatting.

Except for the Home menu item, each menu bar Att Wireless Internet Mf923 has a submenu with several additional items available. Enabled means the widget is turned on but not necessarily visible on the MiFi Landing Page. Available means that the user can view the widget on the appropriate MiFi Landing Page.

5GHz vs GHz wireless networks. Is a higher frequency band necessarily better? 5GHz wireless network can be faster with less interference. Is it better? 5GHz WiFi Disadvantages. Disadvantages - Shorter Range, Cost, Old Component Replacement. There are some disadvantages to going to a 5GHz wireless network. View and Download AT&T Home Base user manual online. AT&T Wireless Home Phone and Internet. Home Base Wireless Router pdf manual download. View and Download AT&T MiFi user manual online. MiFi Wireless Router pdf manual download.

This section contains the following information: The Wi-Fi Status page opens. This page provides the following information: Choosing a Profile A profile controls how you connect to the MiFi device. Each profile has a specific purpose, though generally the secure profile is recommended. You can choose one of three Wi-Fi profiles. Secure — Your pre-configured profile is set to Secure. Setting Security You can Att Wireless Internet Mf923 set security for the Secure profile.

Some Wi-Fi clients become confused if the security is changed and the network name is not. This allows you to share your MiFi network securely with friends and colleagues but without changing your regular secure network name and network key.

Your MiFi device can have up to five devices connected to it at any one time.

Click the Generate new values link at the bottom. You can click the Generate new values link again to have a different network name and network key generated. The MAC address is a unique code specific to a particular piece of hardware such as a network adapter. The Wi-Fi Settings page opens. Internet Configuration The Internet menu provides status information for your connection to the Internet, allows you to configure your MiFi device, and view information about your MiFi device.

The section contains the following information: The Internet Status page opens. Internet Connection The Internet Connection section gives you the following information: Internet Profiles Internet Profiles are for network configuration only. A third profile is available for Enterprises with their own APN. Changing these settings is not recommended. Internet Settings The Internet Settings page allows your MiFi device to automatically connect, allow guests to establish the Internet connection, and determine network technology.

The Internet Settings page opens. Connection Options You can set your MiFi device to Att Wireless Internet Mf923 connect to the network by selecting Auto-connect enable. Roaming The Roaming setting allows you to determine how your MiFi device connects to the network while outside of the home this web page coverage area. This option is only available when you are outside of your home network.

Home network only — Requires the user to login to the Web UI each time and select connect. Manual Network Selection Check this box to manually select your mobile broadband network.

A confirmation window will open while the MiFi device is detecting the available networks. Choose your preferred network and click OK. Port Filtering Port Filtering allows you to enhance the security of your system by only allowing certain applications to reach the Internet.

The Port Filtering page opens. This page allows you to enable Port Filtering, select common applications to allow access to the Internet. The Port Forwarding page opens. Port Forwarding Page This page allows you to enter the local static IP address for each application that you want to receive traffic from Att Wireless Internet Mf923 Internet.

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This page gives you the following status information about your device: Typically this is used by companies to connect from other networks to secure private networks such as connecting from home to your office.

System Configuration The System Menu gives you access to settings and features Continue reading affect your MiFi device as a whole. System Information System Information includes the following: Att Wireless Internet Mf923 Update The Software Update page allows you to upload a package or bundle file to update your widget software. The Software Update page opens. Power Management Your MiFi device can turn itself off after a specified time 30 minutes by defaultif no clients are connected to it through Wi-Fi.

Password The Password page allows you to change the administrative password that gives access to the browser interface. The Password page opens. This page allows you to create a new administrative password. Turning on the GPS go here affect battery life. Never — The GPS does not turn on.

Overview When properly set up, your MiFi device is a highly reliable product. Ensure that you are in the coverage area. Common Problems and Solutions Before you read on, all of the steps mentioned here are given in more detailed form elsewhere in the user guide.

When a reference is given, click the link to go to the more detailed information. The following are some common problems and solutions. My network does not appear in the wireless network list. How do I check the model number and firmware versions of my MiFi device? Log in to the admin MiFi Landing Page. How can I check the battery level of my MiFi device? Open the admin or guest MiFi Landing Page. Using the Master Reset Button Your MiFi device comes with a master reset button that allows you to return it to its factory default state.

The master reset button is recessed in a hole on the back of the device. You need a paperclip or similar object to push the button.

When calling, enter the wireless number of your MiFi device found in the top left corner of the MiFi Landing Page. To maintain a distance of 12 mm 0. Safety Hazards Do not operate your MiFi device in an environment that may be susceptible to radio Att Wireless Internet Mf923 resulting in danger, specifically: Areas where prohibited by the law Follow any special rules and regulations and obey all signs and notices.