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casual observer theyHe seems to be a charismatic person, extroverted, which are qualities that work best in the insurance industry.

He has practical supervisory and managerial experience. He works well with others and has exceptional organizational skills.

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The above-mentioned advantages make it one of the standout resumes. The insurance industry is not the most profitable or stable field of employment given the current recession.

I recommend that he includes his educational background in his resume so that a more comprehensive analysis can be made based on his experience and skills. Also, Ad Sales Rep Resume may want to indicate in his resume that he is willing to work in sectors other than insurance. That would broaden his employment prospects. I personally believe that if someone can sell insurance and is good at it, then he can be good at anything else. I am hopeful that the candidate has the personality and the skills needed to try and succeed in other fields as well.

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He may want to particularly focus on sales or marketing of other products that are more in demand at the current moment. The resume templates and samples are submitted to ResumeWritingService.

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