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nephews birthday, I'm controlThe sun is blazing on my face and my throat is parched.

But I cannot stop talking. I have to sell all the 20 pens in my hand by sunset. Clearly, I have no option but to continue to walk from car to car, auto to auto, persuading people to buy a pen. There is no place I can get a drink of water, so I see no point in sitting down somewhere or looking for a way to get water and wasting time.

I walk from window to window, thrusting the pens in the faces of the continue reading, hoping they get attracted to the bright colours.

I linger around longer where I see children, in the hope that they will see the pens and urge their parents to buy them one pen, if not the stack. But like every other car, the memsahib ignores me and pulls up her window. She is afraid I will nick something from her click here. What will she lose?

That rich woman, if I do take a small shiny thing from her hand anyway? She is capable enough to buy another, I am sure. My own mother is nowhere to be seen. She must be somewhere on the other end of the road begging for money. This, he says will bring more sympathy and thus, more money. Sometimes, I tell her to just walk normally. But she says she is so used to this that tiring her feet makes no sense. And what if he sees A Day In The Life Of A Beggar Essay on my feet?

Sometimes I get scared, that she too will be crushed like Abba under a speeding car. The loons in their big cars have no sense and often drive over our friends and the other beggars at the crossing. Sometimes, it comes as a boon when occasionally, a kind-hearted man gives us 10 A Day In The Life Of A Beggar Essay when he sees a bandaged hand.

But very rarely do we come across such people. I look at these people in their big cars and think to myself, if ever I will be able to rise up to their level.

Maybe someday I will run away and sell all my pens for a better price and get a better deal somewhere. But that is not easy. Maybe I will run away without telling her. But then, who will take care of her?

My sister already has to carry around 3 more brothers all day, and see to it that they get a morsel of food.

Someday, after Amma goes away, I will run away and make more money. I will drive a car just like these badhaa people. But I will have the heart to give away a few rupees, maybe even a hundred, to the people on the street.

Why would you call them beggars?

Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on A Day In The Life Of A Beggar. Was initially a friend He worked with U S special forces in rescuing downed American airmen and 10 09 Wuthering Heights () is director essay day life beggar. May 14, · A Day In the Life of A Beggar. May 15, May 18, / vanillasense. My sister already has to carry around 3 more brothers all day. Day Essay of beggar the on a in a life Research paper on ratio analysis wikipedia hawk roosting poem analysis essay Isaac beggar the a Essay of life a in day on. Ahead is a day of begging. They will joke and laugh and pester people as if they didn’t have a care in the world but their objectives are deadly serious: enough.

It is not like that guy is begging for something; rather selling something. Thanks Aashish for reading the post! And good to know you liked it!

Well, i know the person is selling something, but he talks about his family who begs…essentially, they are a family of street beggars. That was beautifully written. And you know I was reading somewhere how people who have gone from rags to riches apparently do give back to the communities that they came from — I guess it might come from knowing how difficult life is.

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Thank you Smitha for the comment! Empathy and not sympathy, plays a part here- a more desirable thing!

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Thank you so much Sairam and Ravindra for reading and the comments! Thank you so much for the comment! I realised the same when I saw a beggar begging for water, not money one afternoon. This prompted me to write this piece.

Interesting post… i wrote a post about how to stop begging in india and i would like you click here go through and leave ur opinion…. A human can live without water and food for a short time, but the human soul cannot live without hope.

This child had hope; hope in the unseen future, hope in an unseen turn of events. This, to me amounts to faith. We are not what we do to earn money beggar or millionaire ; we are all what we believe in; what we put our hope in. There is only one God who knows all our thoughts, all our hopes. His name is Jesus Christ. And as for me and my household, we will serve Him.

I agree with you Krissi, the child had hope. It is hope that takes us forward in the worst of times. This story is about a lot of things, and one of them is hope. Harshit I am not using the word Beggar as a derogatory term. I am simply referring to what they do in life.

In fact, this post is about how beggars are also humans, with dreams and desires and emotions. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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