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Do an aggressive and exacting background check. If the potential hire has gone to court in hope of keeping secret the reasons behind his departure from his previous district, consider that a red flag, or — at the very least — pick up the phone and get an explanation from officials who would know. He even said disclosure of those documents would cause irreparable harm to his reputation.

They would have learned that Wallis did not resign on his own volition and that his exit was acrimonious. They took Wallis at his word. Perhaps they were thrilled to land a superintendent of an almost 16,student school district, one almost eight times the size of their own district northeast of Beaumont in deep East Texas.

Better yet, he was eager to work for less than half what he was making in Bryan. That should have been a warning 9 Kids Should Have Less Homework right there.

Even though there should have go here alarm bells, Kirbyville school trustees hired Wallis, and now they are paying the price. Now, Wallis is embroiled in a controversy in Kirbyville, where, on May 23, popular high school Principal Dennis Reeves committed suicide in the school parking lot only minutes after Wallis confronted him over an alleged affair with a school district employee — an issue the former superintendent said had been investigated more than a year ago with no action being taken.

Wallis told Reeves he could resign or face an investigation that could lead to him being fired. Reeves, according to a police statement from Wallis, chose to resign. Wallis has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

The people of Kirbyville were stunned and demanded answers, while many demanded he resign. To date, few answers have been forthcoming.

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It recently came to light that while he was in Bryan, Wallis tried to have documents relating to his time as superintendent destroyed by top administrators and the school district attorney, all of whom refused, according to KBTX.

Sadly, the situation in Kirbyville is not all that surprising. Typically, to expedite the matter and to avoid potential lawsuits, school trustees promise to send the employee on his or her way without any black marks on the record.

So, those dismissed employees get another job in a different school district — even if they were fired for having an abusive management style, which turns out to be a big part of the reasoning behind Wallis being pushed out of Bryan. Of course, everyone is entitled to seek employment. With all due respect to the Eagle. The Kirbyville isd board was presented in writing a bogus account of the situation.

When a student gets home they usually sit down at the table and pull out their homework. Piles of pa. Express your opinion on whether or not students should have homework. Debate with others the advantages and disadvantages of homework. As a former education consultant working with school districts for 10 years, I have been SHOCKED at the number of districts which call NOONE to vet the employee. { comments read them below } Ihmmy July 28, at am. I’m a strong believer that everyone should have to work a public facing job for a bit, if only. The Homework Myth: Why Our Kids Get Too Much of a Bad Thing (Da Capo Books, ).

Bryan isd board is accountable for this deception. The higher the position, the fewer questions asked. What happen to the times that a group from the hiring district sent a group to visit that school district?

I was smoozed by him initial and had free reign to him. We didn't talk much but I now see how so many were used and abused. As a community leader, I had a different role in his plan.

As a former educator with 40 years in the classroom and 10 turning failing districts around he said all the right things Regarding the vetting process, guess the same could here said for some of the administration at TAMU.

The buck stops there-- with the Kirbyville school board. The BISD school board 4 members, that is is responsible for the ridiculous severance Wallis received. I, for one, will remember their names when the school board elections roll around.

Look at what failure to fully vet or good-old-boy hire has brought Kirbyville ISD.

A tragic death, chaos, conflicting accounts of events, court actions, apparent attempts to eliminate documents, national scrutiny and condemnation, embarrassing disclosures of past administrative behaviors, and justifiable indignation from concerned citizens who trusted read more school board to do their job. Those who brought this about need to be held accountable.

Kirbyville citizen deserve better. Wallis stating, "We have to follow policy. Accountability all the way up. Search and listen to their archives. Who knows what other failings of the district or himself that he admitted to on air? It's becoming clear now that there was no intention of doing "homework" because it didn't matter. It was a "who you know" hire according to the latest.

kids should have less homework

Wallis got fired, and then the powers that be BISD give this tainted, corrupt person a letter of recommendation. So, you get fired, and then they give a letter of recommendation, saying he did a good job. I hope the letter said how great he was at lying, cheating, and stealing. Another great job by the BISD!!! You all should be ashamed and embarrassed by your hiring of Wallis. You should also be ashamed at trying to sugar coat this stuff, and passing the damaged off to Kirbyville.

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